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Whether we’re hanging from a rope, hanging from the ski lift, or hanging out the window- as long as I’m hanging with you, my heart is happy! ILYSM @bfitch24
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Beginning, middle, towards the end, and at the top of #mcafeeknob 🖤
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When family flies in secretly to be a part of the biggest surprise of your life.. you shout “Well yeah!!” 💍❤️ @bfitch24
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2018’s getaways, staycations, and mini excursions with @bfitch24 by my side ✨ #SoulFueled
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Life with you is the greatest adventure! 🌎💙 Happy Birthday Babe!
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•We took Thanksgiving to Jacksonville Beach this year, where we were quickly reminded Thanksgiving is not the same without family. •At least we had each other and could begin to count down the days til we’re back with family and friends for Christmas! •Jacksonville/Neptune Beach was beautiful! The waves are so powerful, yet so peaceful! •On our way back up the coast we enjoyed our history, hiking through Wormsloe Historic Site & touring through Savannah’s Historic District. •Savannah quickly became my new favorite city, shopping along the City Market! •We traveled a lot, explored a lot, and learned a lot. Holidays just aren’t the same without family. We’re so blessed and thankful we have those friends and family to miss and go home to! See you at Christmas!
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Cuffing czn 🔗
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This love is a shore thing 🌊❤️
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