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It is in the candid moments that we feel free and genuine. It’s these moments that make us feel alive and beautiful! And while sometimes it’s fun to pose away how about we #Unp#Unpose this time! Participate with me in the Veet #Unpose challenge to win exciting gifts and a chance to be on #MissVeetPakistan. Tagging @stylesbyimaara and @sohahsheikh to take this challenge with me, let's unpose girl💃🏽💞#HameshaReady #JustVeetIt
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Big lights will inspire you.. let’s hear it for 🙌🏼 @sanasafinazofficial @outhousejewellery @happymonday 💋 #pffny18
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Bus lux🌸 #fansofeachother #luxpakistan Magic by @asimrazatvf Styling by @amarfaiz Make up by @adnanansariofficial Hairstylist @harlemalexander Art direction and love @hina.farooqui
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Right back at ya👀
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7 years to Bol today, 7 years to my first ever acting job. There are so many songs that are close to my heart but this one might be the most special. @atifaslam tried his best to teach me how to play the guitar. Also our voices feel so different in the scene! Shoaib Mansoor used to have @maramaabroo cover my lips with concealer, thought they were too pink. All of us would chill for hours up on this roof, singing songs and talking about life ( as we knew it then). This is to the beginnings, to the times of innocence and purity, when we didn’t know where we were headed, when living in the moment was enough.. and to all the love ever since that time, to all of you 💋 Hona tha pyar :)
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@sameershami those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end...and we were kinda right! #throwback to the Bol premiere. P.S along with a few other things, I lost a lot of my hair to my job🤦🏻‍♀️ @feehajamshedofficial remember this ‘brown’ dress?!
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What it all comes down to.. Is that I haven't got it all figured out just yet 'Cause I've got one hand in my pocket And the other one is giving a peace sign ( well not really.. I forgot to make a peace sign, so here ✌🏼)
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Will always be grateful that I was chosen to be your daughter. My coolest Aba, my life 💞 P.S also grateful for this side of the Khan family cool’ gene🙏🏼
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