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Finally there is some snow in Germany ❄️☃️ but unfortunately just for today
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#tb ❄️ I really do miss this winter wonderland ❄️☃️ We had a fantastic vacation. But back home Mommy had a very stressful time. Like a good boy I waited for her the whole day (at my grandparents) and I’ve been so powerful when she came home after work 😊 #notimetorelax... Now spring is calling 🌷 and I’m super excited to spend more time outside. #keeponhealingBmum
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Back home 🧡 We had a wonderful time in Austria ❄️ The best thing about vacation is that mommy spends every second with me 🧡 #happyhumpday
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Paws up ❄️🐾
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Maybe I’ll transform into a snowman ❄️☃️
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Happy Sunday friends ❄️🏔
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Having a blast ❄️🏔☀️
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We are having a wonderful time here in Austria ❄️🏔 Lucky has a lot of fun in the snow and we enjoy the time together. Happy Weekend 🧡
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