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"How does she do it?" Blow their minds with the new Levitibootie. #ChristianLouboutin
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Get that walking on air sensation with #ChristianLouboutin's Levitalo sandal.
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One Levitipump, several minds blown. Get to know #ChristianLouboutin's latest collection.
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So many Happy Rui sneakers and so little time to choose. #ChristianLouboutin x @magazineantidote party.
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Confidences on a pillow from @amixxamiaya & @ayaxxamiaya at the #ChristianLouboutin x @magazineantidote party at le Petit Palace in Paris.
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The life of the party, all lights were on the Happy Rui sneaker at the #ChristianLouboutin x @magazineantidote party at Le Petit Palace.
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Double trouble and twice the fun with @taiki_jp & @noah_bbb both in Happy Rui at the #ChristianLouboutin c @magazineantidote party that was held during Paris Men’s Fashion Week at Le Petit Palace.
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@isamayaffrench catching all the lights at the #ChristianLouboutin x @magazineantidote party last Friday night. @louboutinbeauty
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