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Summation. Paris 1996. I was sat on the roof of the Opera Garnier whilst dancing there with NDT1.... crazy to realise that 23 years later I’m up there again... a legal alien immigrant foreigner anti-Brexiteer, next to the same studio. So much has happened.... Immeasurable emotions and moments, and yet hardly anything has barely even shifted in the bigger picture of time bar my wrinkles. This time I’m here with #solleon to revisit our ballets #speakforyourself and #sleightofhand with @balletoperadeparis in April. What a building! One of my favourite theatres in the world. Absolutely loving the chance to be full time 100% in the studio busting my gut with the hungry and hardworking dancers of the company. Now though I’m home in Den Haag to be with the exceptional beauties of NDT1 and their magnificent triptych of works from @sharoneyaldance @crystal_pite @marnevanopstal & @immeld in our latest evening “Second Nature”... Forever in awe of what we can achieve together and deeply grateful to be right where I am. Light all around us. Photos: 1. Paris 1996 2. Same place 2019. 3. The fabulous inspirational wooden costume atelier gallery in Opera Garnier. 4. Fooling around with our team members @lou_motion & @rogervanderpoel post dinner and a few flutes de champagne... 5. Last but not least @johaninger #jeancristophemaillot & #yourstruly drooling over the magnificent sword which @jirikylian so rightly was decorated with by the Palais des Beaux Arts... like three Smeagels, wishing it was mines seeing as we founds it my precious...!!!
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Bordeaux 7 ago. One thing I Luvv Luvv Luvv is working onstage. Here you see #solleon rehearsing @chloe_albaret & @rogervanderpoel in the final pas de deux from Stop Motion by #Solleon and #yourstruly It’s a couple rehearsing a pas de deux onstage during the performance meanwhile the entire decor is going gone and the bare walls of the theatre exposed around them.... but they continue. @balletbordeauxopera was an amazing venue for Sol to explore the integrity of the work with these two angels of the company. NDT1 performed 3 breathtaking shows pour Les Bordelaises and it was a 1/4 of a century since I had last set foot in this beauty of a cultural temple. The sun shone. Goodness how it blazed and another light memory was engraved deep into me. 2. The theatre lacks a studio so into a golden foyer we took class. 3. I ate some fantastic oysters in my boerenkerel shirt and 4. sat under a clock pretending it was summer for a moment. 5. A few free days space gave me the opportunity to disappear into my French sanctuary not far away and at the end I drove more than half an hour without meeting another vehicle on the road as you can see. 6. Then finally I drenched my soul in the cool dawn and splintering sunsets far away from city noises and peace swallowed me. #toutseuleestgrande
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Sideways on. Madness to think that it was just 7 tiny little days ago... A rare side stage glimpse of two beautiful members of NDT1 both inside & out, @mengkewu_ig & @oliviernc here performing the last black duet from Safe as Houses created by #solleon & #yourstruly in @megaron_athens “Come sweet death!” The words of J.S.Bachs cantata calls out to the gods whilst the walls we know and trust so well slowly crumple down around us with unstoppable inevitably. Mengke & Olivier both give a depth to the roles, as do all the couples who dance this moment have done in their own way. It began in the hands of Sol Leon & @stefanzeromski over 15 years ago. They were the roots which gave this tree the chance to flourish. Sol, creative master of her crystal clear message... Stefan the solid supportive partner to bolster Sol’s femininity with his still waters masculine power. Associations of Heaven&earth. Female&male. Physical&spiritual. Life to death to life again get captured in this moment of kinetic conjunction and still take my breath away. These are the times when it all makes the struggles and challenges worthwhile witnessing great artistry emanating and punctures all who come close. Video by @zanderander
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Stargazer. Athens. I’m a sucker for great quotes. Especially the Greek philosophical geniuses of the past who saw life just as clearly then as one sees it today. Huge joy to return to Athens and the Greek public at @megaron_athens for 4 shows full of quality and care with NDT1. We presented “Partita for 8 dancers” from #crystalpite “Walk the Demon” from #marcogoecke and #Safe as Houses from #solleon & #yourstruly. I luvv Greek people! Passionate & engaged... no matter how tough things might be out there in their “real” world, they keep close to art and their culture for inspiration. Real devoted fans.... The sun shone down too upon us, giving a sheath of light in the grey winterness further north. Also had an amazing insight to the Cycladic history with a private tour of the figures sculpted nearly 3000 years ago celebrating the female fertile gazing up to the stars Astounding to realise how far advanced civilisations could be even on a tiny island lying in the Mediterranean Sea, and how little we still understand about the deeper notions of the universe and our part within it.... Photos. 1. Plaka. 2. Hotel stairways. 3. Morning sun at Megaron. 4. Stargazer at the Cycladic museum. Look forward to returning to this vibrant city and folk...
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Social Entropy. Time to say “Au revoir” to what has been an illuminating & inspirational week here in NYC with NDT2 performing at @nycitycenter The 4 shows grew daily in power, freedom and passion as initial nerves were shed and communication flowed engaging the power of entropy with our NDT art. Within my own labyrinth of energy I had the deep pleasure and ample opportunity to get to yoga at @bodenyc Tough sweaty classes with some brilliant teachers. Thank you & Namaste to Mary Dillon, Lesley Klose (2x!) @regina_noroutite ,Georgia Christine @johnsalvatore1961 . A week of enlightenment walking the distinctive streets of New York. Adored the photo shoot on a steamy 5th Avenue downtown with #solleon exploring soho... #alwayslight #startasyoumeantogoon #adiosnuevayork
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Concrete Jungle. Howdee Readers... here’s a rare glimpse of the lesser known SadCase species in their tribal painting ceremony in New York City, hence the song.... wait wait I cannot lie... Truth be told it’s actually NDT2 dancers @faystje @mandymortimore @bostog @brahmachicken being generously helped by their co-artists @eggmagoo @nico.minji @jordanpelliteri and @charlieskuy for the opening night at @nycitycenter for our Sad Case #choreography #solleon #paullightfoot It was an emotional and enthralling night to behold.... and it was due to these wonderful positive dancers of NDT2 lead beautifully by #fernandohernandomagadan assisted by #dimomilev Proud as punch of what they all achieve together. Three more shows to go and it’s great to feel the energy flowing between the dancers and the hungry NYC audience who fall in love with the spirit of NDT2. #mutualcomfort #edwardclug #wirsagenunsdunkles #marcogoecke #shboom #lightfootleon #comesee
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Seclusion. One of my favourite whims is nudging through antique shops, and I’m particularly attracted to furniture. Therefore yours truly was tickled pink, (well ruddy red) to find this gem of a 3-seater from 1830 for my hidden nest in France. I’ve been locked up there all on mi Todd these 5 days, in quiet creative seclusion to prepare future projects... An incredibly enriching way to begin the year, despite some cabin fever. Proximity to nature and a less complex existence deepens us all I believe. Keens the senses and reignites all the passions and energies we hold deep in our core. So even though I’m so fucking excited to join NDT2 @ndtdance at @nycitycenter in the big buzz of NYC next week, being in the centre of nowhere has been equally enthralling.... Walking the hills. Open fire night and day. Stargazing. Life abundant... I hope that 2019 will bring out only the best of us reader, and in turn incite others to do the same... Let’s inspire each other positively. #yesshit #notafraidtotry
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18 transforms to 19. “I would give up everything I know for the half of what I ignore.” Descartes wisely said this... it tickled deep inside me, and rather than try to dissect this inspirational year gone by soaked in so many colours & emotions engrained into me of this momentous 2018, I attempt to recall the things I didn’t pay enough attention to which could’ve held an equally important place if only I’d been better aware. So for 2019 I’ll keep it simple, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! and may 2019 provide us all the chances to sense the things which we might normally look past. To the light in all our worlds which IS there even when it seems to have been snuffed out. To beauty, to goodness and the possibility to always always find positivity whatever the situation. Here I am opening the door of my house to let the new year in whilst the mad and wonderful Dutch community of Den Haag blast their guilders into the skies with their zillions of fireworks! Luvv to you readers. P.
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