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Schwings. It’s been a incredible twister trip of the last 10 days. Amsterdam-London-Cheshire-Moscow-Paris-Home again. Working on and watching some spectacular work on so many levels of inspiration. Whilst meandering through Europe’s historic and magical capitals I’ve been professionally/emotionally bombarded in the most unimaginable ways.... life has the wily wisdom to offer you gifts, clues and the best energy least when you expect it and most when you need it. So open now and take leaps of faith to find enlightenment. In these voyaging moments I came across this snippet in the studio with NDT2 from a few years back. It’s one of my most favourite mini-solos I created within our “Sad Case” with Mistress of creative magic #solleon. A ballet made in a moment of gorgeous changes in our life. Saura, our angel was almost ready to make her greatest premiere entrance to our world and all the emotions of nervous excitement as a future papa were blazing inside me and this solo encapsulated my heart... Here’s @paxtini giving it hell with sweet heart @alice_the_malice & Co. Sad Case always reminds me of the necessity to keep finding the good in things and transforming the not so good. As to my trip.... Thank you - London. You house my angel. Taa Luvv - Cheshire. My family & foundation. Spasiba Bolshoi - Moscow. You’ve opened my heart. Merci Beaucoups - Paris. Helped me find clarity. Travel expands us immensely Feelings of great fortune immerse me now. The voyage continues.... P. X
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Samen Komen. An emotional, nostalgic, inspirational, but most of all deeply proud moment to see our angel @saurall performing her first shows in her final year at RADA. Nothing more entrancing and engrossing as change in someone’s development. If you’re in the vicinity go see “Stoning Mary”... Heartbreakingly exquisite. A whole gang of fiendish friends all coagulated together around Sauras beating heart to share this beginning of an end together.... then train up north to celebrate my formidable Aunts 80th birthday with rarely seen family dearests. Life flew by in one afternoon and that connectivity so necessary to find ones kin and laugh at pointless facts which no one else can comprehend! Now onto Moscow for our performances ahead in @bolshoi_theatre. Another dream to live into. 1. Saura on my right arm and treasured genius amigo novelist Rupert Thomson. 2. The RADA wall of graduates. Unbelievable to see her dream appearing. 3. New friends made with the gorgeous spirit of Yolanda with Sol. 4. Luncheon at Rookery Hall with the birthday girl. 5. Gorgeous sequinned Naomi, bored post party with her Ariel Barbie.
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Big Head. Sneak peak into the process of creating one of the orgy of events within our Kunstkamer from a week before its premiere. This section involves 42 amazing gods & goddesses of NDT1 & NDT2 combined. Using 2nd movement from Beethoven’s 9th, not unintentionally, it refers to the pleasure of community from all walks of the world. It was such a blast to collaborate with material from @crystal_pite on this beast of a section. The wide angle lens of the camera couldn’t even fit everyone in and sight lines are worsened by Ol’ Big Head Lightfoot clogging up the vision for a while... still, even without the lights and decor I am moved by it and the speed and quality of colleagues. It’s all about what you give in life that defines its integrity. Even though it’s recent it already has nested itself in a cosy place in my memory bank. #comesee.
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Sixty years. Kunstkamer is born. Only thanks and Creative respect to every single beautiful soul involved. @hetballetorkest in the pit. @ndtdance on the stage. Choreographed by #solleon @marcogoecke @crystal_pite & #yourstruly. Light sound costume and production technicians all equally vital. Together as one yet with the capacity to stand alone as individuals. Here I am seated with my primitive spiders web creation as a good luck present to the company with 82 letters to each of the people directly involved in this creative mammoth of our 60th celebration of NDT. I wrote a Robert Browning quotation in the programme which I think sums up my credo. “A mans reach should always exceed his grasp...” Those words ring true tonight as I witness the miracles appearing onstage in this exceptional moment of time. On the video is nearly all the companies of NDT1&2 minutes before curtain up yesterday. TOI TOI TOI to all. Luvv Paul. X
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KUNSTKAMER. Two days to go... One of the infinite magical moments from yesterday’s first orchestra rehearsal with @hetballetorkest under the creative baton of Matthew Rowe. NDT1 & 2 singing from the audience the genius of Purcells, See see, we assemble in preparation for our premiere on Thursday. The bonding of the dancers & musicians is crucial to an evening of celebration such as this, and as a lad brought up in the North of England surrounded by choir singing what better way to fuse our vocations with a song. A truly emotional night. Still much to do and as the light begins to shine at the end of this tunnel so does the gratefulness in my being to all the stars of this company who are beaming with such quality and chutzpah. It’s a moment in time not to be missed. Join us..... #solleon @marcogoecke @crystal_pite #yourstruly the creators @ndtdance the family of exquisite species in our Cabinet of Curiosities.
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Six Days. “Kunstkamer” is coming on fast now... After our final day onstage of our beloved Lucent Dans Theater we make the big move to @zuiderstrandtheater for the final furlongs of our production time. What a week it was.... Pumping out a bazillion and 1 light cues till the wee hours. Sol & Rahi making hauntingly poetic cinematography. Moving magic walls continuously. Closing and opening secret panels day and night. Playing with music and sound choices intermittently. Adjusting costume ideas by the minute.... even squeezing in some choir shrieking, and last but by absobloodylutely no means least @ndtdance artists slogging their guts out to make all these fantastically exceptional scenes become a whole with body and soul. Everyone, but everyone has been pulling their weight and pushing their boundaries to discover how our celebratory creation of 60 years of NDT will become a reality rather than an apparition. Personally, I’ve never spent so many days in a row, so many hours onstage preoccupied and flabbergasted by the magic going on by the company and creators #solleon @marcogoecke @crystal_pite et moi a tad too. Rarely felt so immersed inside the parameters of a creation in such a beautiful way as Kunstkamer has gifted us. Feeling exhausted within every sense, yet contradictory to that, bursting with energy and Luvv for this tectonic plate of a world. Here are a few sneaky shots taken by the rascal himself @rahirezvanistudio during this week of madness. I know that when in years to come I’ll discover these pictures and my spirit will return to the place where all the emotions of this irreplaceable moment in my life nestle. 1. Gobbling up my salad whilst watching moving lights making positions. 2. Trying to focus my foible eyes into 10 different places simultaneously to find the loopholes in one section involving 42 dancers full on for 10 minutes... yes reader, I had skid marks in my speedos shiteing in my shorts to work with such a throng. 3. Me playing the parts of voice of reason/eye of Sauron and absolutely no one in the picture paying me the slightest bit of notice... as it should be.
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See see, we assemble thy revels to hold... Kunstkamer premiere is approaching... here is the entire company in a first singing rehearsal, yes the entire NDT1 & NDT2 singing as a choir a challenging gem from genius composer Henry Purcells King Arthur with the aid of @vocalcoachkim and her dastardly Pug Grace. Everyone is giving so much to this creation and it is a gift to behold... My cup runneth over. Choreography from #Solleon @crystal_pite @marcogoecke #yourstruly An evening which, for better.... or for worse, should not be missed. Only love for all my colleagues.
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Started. What an honour to give our first shows of the 60th season of @ndtdance in such a historical theatre as the one behind the iconic door of this first photo. @kgl@kglteater graciously invited us with true Danish hospitality to present an evening of works close to our hearts. #soloecho from our dear creator @crystal_pite and #shuteye & #singuliereodyssée from #solleon and #yourstruly. How everyone gave their all to the performances just shone of quality, integrity and sheer ballsy chutzpah. Onstage the shows. Off stage the creativity continues for our upcoming celebration KUNSTKAMER... 1. Stage door of the theatre. 2. Front entrance to @kglteater 3. A sneaky video of the curtain calls for #singulièreodyssée with the cast @yukinotakaura #sebastianhaines @mengkewu_ig @rogervanderpoel @mado_kary @marnevanopstal @chloe_albaret @cesarfariafernandes @ae_hasler @cjjones89 4. The beautiful bonus of having our angel with us for a spell. @saurall with @jorgenozal playing it cool on the streets of Copenhagen
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