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くまが大好きなアラサー女子です。 I am obsessed with bears.
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くまが大好きなアラサー女子です。 I am obsessed with bears.
今日のランチ風景 A moment from my lovely lunch today
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インスタに書くのを条件にスタッフとみんな子連れで遊びに行かせていただいたのに、そのことすっかり忘れてて、なんとなく撮ったこの画像しかない… #teamlabborderless
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マンハッタンとスタテンアイランドを行き来するフェリーが無料と知り驚く。小学校の遠足以来の自由の女神見物。(後ろの緑の豆粒) I had no idea the Manhattan-Staten Island ferry is free. The last time I got this close to the Statue of Liberty was a 4th grade school trip (she’s the green dot to my right) Photo courtesy of @the_rinayang
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NYの地下鉄でみっけた 「祈る」 My find of the day, on the NYC Subway, P•R•A•Y PRAY #EnglishHaiku #英語で五七五
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Anyone wanna join Kuma’s Book Club? Kuma and I are the only members currently... this is the book of the week @lynnenright
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Anyone’s deck missing a 2 of diamonds?
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Never has a sink made me feel so like a barn animal. And why are the faucets on the side?! #o2brixtonacademy
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