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i vote there should always be babies on set, there should actually be babies everywhere all day everyday who’s with me 😍 @emmanuelle_les gimme her foreberrrrr!
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and on this day i decided i liked dresses @_718s ! styled by @danasia_sutton makeup by @mannequinskin hair by @kahhspence #RING
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big twin energy @iamcardib ring video out now 📞
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aw damnnn, thank you @alysonstoner for the really incredible compliments, thank you for hearing me! i really appreciated this *hits your mini dance moves from the iconic missy video* happy monday!
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i don’t think i’ve ever known a more unconditional lover in my entire life. to everyone, friend/family/stranger, my best friend is my inspiration for compassion and empathy. ive never seen her feel sorry of herself not once, but also not for anyone else. just love & motivation for everyone she meets. this girl makes every stranger who crosses her path’s day. i will never get tired of hearing “hey wonderful! happy tuesday” every day of the week 😂😂😂😂 honestly you might be the best person i know, i aspire to be as great of a human being as you. i love you sammy, so fucking much. jordan year babyyyy @_supimsam 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡
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thank you so much. 🌹
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peace out and big thank you from aunties baby Nova. we not only raised so much money for her recovery & family, we sent her so much hometown love & energy to be wrapped all the way around 400 times with. she is protected, by more people than she can count. thank you to all who came, thank you to those out of town who bought tickets for strangers, thank you to all who donated to her go fund me, thank you to the #selfiesfornova and thank you to everyone who made last night happen. one day she will understand what was done, but until then she’s got a 3rd birthday party to plan. ☺️ @nova.phoenix
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the depth of a blessing is in the purpose. id like to think i’m a teacher & world wide momma, music is a side hustle. hey superstars 😍
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