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There is too much to share about the trip that I’ve always wanted in Tokyo 🇯🇵 so I’ll start at the finish: the standards. Soda water. @suntorywhisky. Baby sandwiches with Japanese bread. 🥃🍞♥️✌🏽#WarnerMusicJP
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#fbf me & #MuellerMagic at @greatestshowman premiere last December. Her last @carouselbway show is this weekend. Sending love to ALL you guys @joshuahenryofficial @lindsaymendez
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The best tribute even written to one of the most incredible humans to ever grace us with her light. ♥️ #Repost @officialdonnamurphy with @get_repost ・・・ From the moment I met you doing the workshop of Passion, I knew that a new incomparable light had entered my life, & a lifetime friendship was beginning. How fitting you were playing “Clara”, which in Italian means “ bright, shining, clear”. I was in awe of your beauty, talent, openness & humor.My life was enriched beyond measure by your loving, supportive friendship, during the highest of highs & lowest of lows.You were always there.You sang “New Words” at our daughter’s welcoming/naming ceremony at the UN Chapel. #Learnlove You came with us to bring her to see Santa when she was 8 months old & we all giddily danced through Santaland. I witnessed you falling in love with the love of your life, your beautiful, brilliant Jason.Sharing a stage with you was a privilege.Sharing a meal with you was a joy. When my Shawn became very ill with cancer, you were a beacon of light for him, even as you were facing your own challenges with this brutal disease.But you,my warrior goddess,approached every day with such love, grace & grit, that conversations from hospital rooms could radiate smiles & hope, kindness & truth , & even laughter. When Shawn passed, you sang again for us at his memorial, this time with beloved, amazing Jason, James Taylor’s “There We Are”, and we smiled through our tears. How can I ever thank you my dear Marin? You made all of our lives better with your art, your beauty, your love, your generosity, your strength, your warmth, your advocacy, your support, your inspiring courage and always , your light. It will shine on in every life you touched. On and on and on. We will never be the same. Journey on in peace sweetest Marin, treasured friend .You and Jason & your family are surrounded by love...forever. Mille grazie mia cara amica. 💖💖💞💞🙏🙏🌻🌻🌟🌟💫 💫 #MarinMazzie
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🎶♥️ #Repost @park24hrs with @get_repost ・・・ Sidewalk inspiration
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#tbt international fist bump 👊🏽 @britishmuseum #hannabaddahdays
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Nuff said.
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Welcome Home Izzy✂️🐕 #coneofshame
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