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Sweet Dreams xx
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THIS PICTURE 😍😍😍 thanks @prayers for posting it! DRESS: “The Wild Rose” @thevampireswife SHOES: “Destroyer” in Gold from @vondshoes (coming soon)
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Came up on my FB memories when I reshared from her page 🤎 “I went a majority of my life believing that I was supposed to eat animals. At school [and at home] I was told our bodies can’t live without animal products - and that an animals purpose on this planet was for whatever we decide. Even in church, I would read scriptures in the Bible that said we as humans have “dominion” over all of the animals of land, sea and air. But only now, as a free-thinking adult, did I realize that “dominion” doesn’t mean exploitation, oppression, or cruelty. It means responsible stewardship. As humans, we are responsible for protecting those who need it, regardless of gender, race, or species. Perhaps, we’ve been doing things wrong. And what’s so bad about admitting to ourselves that maybe, just maybe, we got things upside down? If awareness is the greatest agent for change, then questioning the ideals that have been shoved down our throats for generations is a good place to start. #animalrights #animalliberation #vegan #fortheanimals #forourplanet #forhumanity”
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Beauty ❤️ pictures from Civilian Magazine (@civilian_mag) PHOTOGRAPHER: @eleanorlovecreative / @brianloveco STYLISTS: @majestyblack MUA: @iamleah
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OMG 😍 this picture pictures from Civilian Magazine (@civilian_mag) PHOTOGRAPHER: @eleanorlovecreative / @brianloveco STYLISTS: @majestyblack MUA: @iamleah
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Coloured version 😍 and new profile picture
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“Regardless of the number of challenging obstacles that might stand in the way, I wasn't afraid to risk everything for what I knew to be my calling.” #katvondquote #katvondquotes #kvdquote #kvdquotes
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