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Occupying my speaking little man hand (see former posts) while teaching the @soa@soarescue Tactical Medical Practitioner course the ways of @bre@breachpen If you are seeking medical education, look no further than @soarescue If you are looking for a tool for the unexpected breach, look no further than @breachpen #paramedic #breacher #tactical #sof #sar #smt #medicine
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A little product development with @k.c.s.l and @breachpen FIRE (in a pinch) is designed for all those that may find themselves needing a flame at the most inopportune times. We have all had the scenario striking a flint over and over or having a dead lighter that won't start in the wind. Worry no more. Product release coming soon! We are looking for any volunteers that might use smokeless tobacco/Grinds/non-tobacco substitutes that are earth friendly and would be willing to recycle their cans to us. Please shoot me a message if you or your friends could Reduce-Reuse-Recycle right to my mailbox!
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6 days off together without taking a day off (outside of quitting my job, woops) To the winter water we go, with my best friend as always. #kayak #jerseyshore #kcsl
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So, here I am 6 months post separation from the Navy. Some developments #1 I am painfully out of shape #2 the flow could use some work, but it's getting there. Luckily, I get called out by good friends like @k.c.s.l to get better. is a great app or free standing exercise board game to get you where you need to be. You don't need to be a puker, but find some fun in your exercise. #kcsl #warriorboardgame #smt #paramedic #alwaysbeenapuker
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Silkies make your uniform that much more versatile during hurricane season. #silkies #rangerpanties #hurricaneharvey #smt #paramedic
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Ski friends, anyone know if this can be repaired? I'm going to imagine the answer is no. These were demos I was riding and unfortunately, hit a ledge I didn't expect, and landed all my weight on my heels, bent and snapped the ski behind my heel. If it doesn't get fixed, I'll have a fun new shot ski project...
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Well, today was interesting.....
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Just to throwback for the good ol days. Nothing says "we brought our own bottle of Jameson to the reception" quite like stripping down to the silkies.
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