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Happy 7th Anniversary @sarahgarner25 let the roller coaster continue ❤️
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Yeah Yeah! Love this number!! @dancingon10 @kellyabbey6151
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The summer before the storm!!
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So much much with this amazing group!!!!
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What I miss most in the world, dancing with my little superstar! Still hasn’t changed a bit #burnthefloorbroadway #dancingwiththemiss @burnthefloorofficial @sarahgarner25
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What an amazing time with an amazing woman! A huge thank you to everyone that supported @_denisescott & My journey on @dancingon10 . This incredible woman has shown that no matter your age, ability or circumstance, dance is for everyone. Also to never give up, no matter what! Best of all I’ve found a friend for life or until she’s had enough of me!
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