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Wonderful weekend to ride ! New exocage #pank ride ! @pank11
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Iraq 2003 , it’s simple ! People crying about war and making excuses! Let the enemy bring the fight to us or take the fight to them !
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Stay tuned for the first ever haltech turbo Rzr ! Finishing up some last minute R & D and we will be ready !
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It’s known in the Honda world as K is the only way or its even said that red heads have more fun . All I can say is this engine in my Slingshot is producing more horsepower than most performance V8 engines on the market today and I’m relearning how to drive my Slingshot all over again . The MT drag tire is no match . Stay tuned and I hope to finish up final touches very soon !
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Honda K is the only way ! All new turbo setup and Horsepower that nobody can believe is possible out of a 2.4 L .
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Honda K24 bolted in . They say red heads have more fun !
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Guess what’s coming to Houston?! Be sure to look at all three pics .
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So for a month now I have been dealing with 3 court room visits , cleaning a apartment, a impounded car , taking over all aspects of my fathers life , finding a nursing home that will accept my dad who is deaf has introduced me to a whole level of challenges . I’m very grateful for a my guys on the security consultants side for covering for me and for the SS performance side on maintaining the Powersports along with moving shops . I feel very fortunate and blessed but this is still challenging doing this part on my own except for the friends who helped with apt cleanup . This is the face of demensia at its worst and now I have a whole new respect for anyone who has this fight .
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