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Houseguest. I think he’s hungry.
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This weeks flower arrangement I made. Waterford crystal vase courtesy of @marnizaifert 🥰and everytime I look at it, it makes me ☺️
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Happy New Year’s! Kicking 2020 off from a calm and restful time in Vancouver with mi familia. Back to LA tomorrow, some housekeeping and hitting it hard in 2020 with some rad peeps and amazing projects! I hope the coming year brings you all love, joy, health and prosperity! 🎆🎇🥳
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FamBam time in the Vancity that holds my heart. Taking my bro’s new #amg #c63s for a spin downtown to Steamworks for brews, snacks , stories and laughs 🥰🥳🎄
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In August of this year, I was pulled into a project that at that onset, was going to be for 2 weeks. Cut to 4 months later and nearly every single day except for a handful, I am wrapped on this project. What has now, in retrospect, proven to be a crazy challenging, but incredibly rewarding project with some of my favorite people, I can now share a little bit about my work as a producer on Xite Labs’ 50’ Falcon Puppet that we projection mapped on in real time for a show in Saudi Arabia. Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman inaugurated the Diriyah Gate Project on Wednesday, Nov. 20th by laying the foundation stone to mark one of the Kingdom's most important projects. In addition to the 50ft wide kinetic, 3D mapped Falcon Puppet, Xite Labs created all the large scale (1000' wide) 3D projection mapping. Here are some pictures from the design, construction and ultimate performance of our little "Falky" in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This was an incredibly challenging project which played a unique part of a massive experience Executive Visions Inc. created and produced for DGDA and the Kingdom. Thank you so much to everyone who helped bring this creation to life. Falcon: The first of its kind designed by Xite Labs’ Matt Guertin, Greg Russell and the in-house CG Team, the custom carbon fibre, aluminum, polystyrene and spandex falcon is the largest puppeted creature to be tracked and 3d projection mapped while being puppeted. 54 infrared (IR) sensors placed along the falcon's body transmit position data to an array of more than 20 IR cameras spread around the stage. The position data is transferred back to a Disguise GX2 media server via a Blacktrax motion tracking system where pre-produced animated content was played back and projected onto the surface of the falcon. 24 puppeteers maneuvered the falcon using carbon fiber poles, as the wings rotated on an aluminum assembly with two axes of rotation.
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Ritz Carlton, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Home for November...
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“It’s always right side up with you....” Dancers 💃🕺🏽: @jillianschmitz @stefanraulston Photog 📸: me✌🏼💁🏻‍♀️
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Color therapy for your Saturday morning. Leggy Brunette: @madi.nlsn Photog 📸: 💁🏻‍♀️#photography #dancer #fosse #color #paintwithlight
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