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#ComePlay First Friday at @9thegallery February 7th, 8PM ft @weezys_playhouse • • Workin on a new installation you can play inside of wit da bbz @samantha_ingram_az + @sabrinajyuan 🎚♣️♥️🃏♦️💈🪓🧲💣🧨🗝🧸🎈🧧📍🔎 • • New looks from @1camillenicole on display and makeup creations by @ashleyrivero 🩸 #seeyaaa
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Ain’t nobody praying for me. #comeplay @weezys_playhouse
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Thought of only one person when I saw this. Thank you for letting me explore your archives @longdogart I am so infatuated with everything you produce. Peep his work IG fam 💕 • • • #comeplay @weezys_playhouse @9thegallery
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Most ppl are living in an illusion based on someone else’s beliefs. We throw a wet blanket of ho-hummery over our lives when we live in fear of what others might think, instead of in celebration of who we are. • • ‘Rigor Mortis’, Headpiece constructed by me available at @9thegallery for viewing. • • #comeplay @weezys_playhouse
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I take off one month in July and one month in Dec every year from projects to reflect and digest. I still can’t get over this beast of a room. 58 man hours, over 7,000 individual silk stems installed (try de tagging every one of those). Over 150 foundation structures installed underneath the babies 🌺 🌸 🌹 . Hand painted bundles, roughly over 60 @montanacans used, and a piano so bright it made the restaurant owners’ wife cry (she later accepted it, maybe? @leilaparnian 🤷🏽‍♀️ 😛). Regardless to say, it’s amazing to transition from last May to making floral headpieces for @pffarizona and never imagining topping it with something like this. I urge anyone in the creative industry to schedule time off. Being busy 24/7 doesn’t measure your productivity. Set time aside to enjoy the outcome, reflect on your progress and allow new vibes to come your way that will inspire your next work. s/o to my team @kusacmphotography @ize_official for all your help/support. Never feels like work with these psychos around 🖤 2020 let’s go #comeplay @weezys_playhouse
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the ONLY person who can convince me to be up at 7AM on a Saturday morning 🥵😭 #princessmeghan • • “WOMAN” campaign for @sageaubrey All styling by @weezys_playhouse Photography by @fullyalivephotography Hair by @_ceairrak #comeplay #fullyalivephotography #sageaubrey #girlabouttown #girlshit #creditartistswork #saythankyou
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