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Concentrate on counting your blessings & you’ll have little time to concentrate on anything else 🏝
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Wearing white cause it’s my honeymoon (plus it makes you look more tanned 😂)
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Fun fact: me and @spencerh13 actually booked a holiday together after being together for 2 weeks 😂 It was the most spontaneous thing I’d done for 5 years after being single and I was so sceptical but he was like LETS DO IT. It was actually amazing now looking back, it was such a good test to see how well we get on living together for a while on holiday. I think holidays are always one of those things which are difficult for relationships and friendships, I’ve been on holiday with some “friends” in the past and it’s TURNED into a disaster. Anyone else seen people’s true colours on holiday? 🙌🏽 Bikini: @missguided Sunglasses: @asos Shirt: @prettylittlething
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You make me wanna replay, all of the things that, you and me we do 💕
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Honestly THE BEST DAY EVER! Come shopping with us for the first time in WALMART 🙌🏽❤️ (we spent 2 hours in there oooops) link in my bio and instastory
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Hat or not hat huns? This was one of those very RARE moments this holiday I haven’t looked about 6 months pregnant with my stomach deciding to bloat beyond belief. It’s not the bloating that’s annoying, it’s the pain that comes with it, the fact none of my clothes fit because my body is expanding with water retention because it’s not functioning properly. Thank you for your kinds DMS from my instastory I wish I could reply to every single one. With that being said, I never want my stomach to affect my happiness, I’m so lucky to be here, I’m lucky to be alive, just like we all are. And we need to celebrate that. Celebrate how lucky we are to have one more day every single day because there are people out there who don’t get to choose when they are taken from us. Please live your life to the fullest, it’s too precious and short to take for granted 💗
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I’ve become obsessed with posting a carousel of photos (bit late to the party as usual) Although it takes longer to edit them to make them cute 😂 but it means I don’t have to choose now between pics I can just share them all YAY for me 😂🙌🏽 Dress: @ohpolly
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Bahamas really is paradise 🇧🇸 (bikini linked in instastory & “outfits” highlights section)
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