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To say that you are a blessing would be an underestimate. To say that I love you would not do feelings justice. Happy First birthday, my heart , my soul, my dinky baby love, Sariyah Azeriah Mirza.
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Purpose and passion aligned will create an execution plan for your next idea. Your thoughts?
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Haven’t posted in a bit; have been busy with more important things; but I decided to post this photo of me walking around the red carpet drinking boxed water at the @forbesunder30 summit because that’s what these platforms are made for @boxedwater #ad
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Read this on the plane 🛩 thought it was interesting 🤔 link in bio
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Forbes, I appreciate the closed door interview. 🤫This is only BTS footage, full interview soon come. I do believe we should all be impactful; I do believe we have the resources to execute on anything but many are busy watching insta and Snapchat stories. But in the end of it, I believe we can leave the world a better place than we found it; Go build it; Go do it; I believe in you. 🙏🏽 @forbes
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Morning conference calls be like... 📸 @artbyfenton
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To live is to create 🎹
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Keynote Berlin: If you love someone, you: Give them knowledge, Give them hope, But most important, give them POWER! The power that will help them accomplish their dreams. The power that will help them achieve their goals. The only way to do that is to teach them. Teach them: -Focus -Acumen -Tenacity -Vision -Consistency Because, dreams without structure will always remain dreams because they will never be acted upon unless you give them love! LOVE. ❤️ ——- What does true love mean to you ?
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