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Some of my favorite finds from yesterday’s walk :) some marbles, a gorgeous grey 😍 and a cool little button!! If you saw my story you saw the other thing I found #seanis 😂 but we’ll keep it PG 😂 but y’all really liked that hahaha #alwaysonthehunt #seaglass #puertorico #huntressbysea
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We are expecting massive swell this weekend, but today was a great day to dive! Thanks @prsurfadventures for the amazing clip of our dive. Book your adventure with us today!!! #tiratepr #explorePuertoRico
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Draping this on the rocks at the beach I imagined a mermaid leaving behind her treasures as she swam into the depths. Take me to the sea...the perfect pop of color for every mermaid 🧜‍♀️ This beauty is available for purchase! #seaglass #seaglassjewelry #seaglasslove #puertorico
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I have gotten so many wonderful texts and calls...we are good despite the earthquakes-no power or water but Maria taught us lessons that we are now using. I know relief efforts for our southern neighbors are starting in earnest and as soon as I have info, I’ll direct you all to where you can best help ❤️🇵🇷 Puerto Rico is so resilient and it’s part of the reason me and @prsurfadventures love this island so much 🌴
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It’s been awhile since I posted a dive video...what a great night to do it! Me and Brock and @prsurfadventures played under the stars and the moon with an octopus, a curious shark a sleepy turtle and tons of lobsters! Great start to 2020 🥰 #nightdiving #nightdivingPuertoRico #huntressbysea #explorePuertoRico
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Made some simple bracelets. These will be available in person at the @aguadillafarmersmarket tomorrow or you can of course message me for your very own ❤️✨#treatyoself #seaglass #puertorico #mermaidtreasure #seaglassjewelry
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I can’t help myself, I just have to brag on my amazing husband @prsurfadventures -he won Best Judge at the Hallows Surf Contest this weekend. My man loves surfing, he understands all of the technicals, and I’m so proud that his hard work gets acknowledged ❤️This is why when you get in the water with him, you know you’re going to get an instructor that truly appreciates the sport 🏄🏻‍♀️ 🏄🏽 🌊 #tiratepr #surfpuertorico #surfpr #surfproud #prsurfadventures #surfinglife
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Under the sea playing with my loves is where I will be this holiday ❤️ I hope everyone has a great holiday, reach out to loves you have concern for and be kind ❤️
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