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As this campaign winds down to raise money for #projectpatriot , I just want to say how blown away I am by all the support. This is a photo of 17 year old Hilarie. We were on a field trip to NYC. Stopped to have lunch at the South Street Seaport. I’d already committed to @fordhamuniversity , and knew that I was going to New York alone in the fall. None of my friends would be going to the city. I sat alone at lunch that day, trying so so hard not to cry. I was terrified. My wonderful teacher @bjohnson54 snapped this picture. I don’t know if she had any idea what I was doing, trying on my NYC solitude for a test run. But what this captures is a little girl right on the verge of growing up. All the tools I needed, the education I needed, the support I needed had been given to me at Park View. Less than 4 months later I would have a job at MTV. Three years later I’d be back in high school in #treehill . The #highschoolforever is about making sure the kids of my hometown have all the tools, education and support they need to make their dreams come true. Thanks for indulging our two week campaign. Can’t wait to report back with all the good work that is a result of your donations! Xoxox
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Dreaming sweet dreams of all the #highschoolforever gear that’ll be going out soon. Each time you see this shirt or hat or mug, know that it’s a symbol of a good heart. People bought it, knowing that it meant a kid could participate in an extracurricular activity that may shape their whole future. Your purchase could be paying for practice clothes for a student athlete. Or a makeup kit for the Drama Department. Or transportation for the band. Or state convention fees for student government. Or any number of small financial burdens that add up to keep Title 1 kids from participating to their fullest potential. Your purchase has provided opportunity. I am so so so grateful. 13hours left! 💕💕💕💕💕
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So we have just a little over 24 hours left in our #highschoolforever campaign. I’m so deeply grateful for everyone who participated, for those who have spread the word and for those who have put up with my relentless blabbering about my love for my home. I’m a sentimental lady. I’d like to show you a very important location in my life. This is the Park View auditorium. At 8 years old, my mother brought me to my very first audition here. I had to get up and sing in front of countless older kids and adults, and recite lines I could barely read on my own. It was the 1990 production of The Sound Of Music. My mother reminds me of how nervous I was, on the verge of tears. “Do you want to leave?” she asked. “You don’t have to do this.” I shook my head. I stayed. I sang. And a few days later I got a call from Mrs. Bleutge - affectionately nicknamed Boss. She offered me the part of Gretl Von Trapp. It was the very first time I ever wept for joy. And I cried and cried and cried. I felt found. The high school initiated me into their club - the Patriot Players - that spring. Gave me a letter jacket and everything. Two years later I came back and did The Music Man. I had my first kiss at the back of the stage. A super handsome 6th grade boy who went to another school so didn’t know I was a huge loser at my school. Again, I felt like I had a place here. In high school, this was my safe place. Between drama productions and Student government assemblies and speeches, I spent so many hours in this cinderblock cave. The excitement of the dressing rooms, decorating mirrors before shows. The poetry slams my friend Scott Kirkpatrick would host with the Literary Magazine crew. I remember freshman year, singing the Tragic Kingdom @nodoubt album while building sets for A Christmas Carol. Senior year I felt so adult because I was granted keys to the wardrobe closet. I stole a dress right before graduation (Sorry AJ!) It was the dress I would later wear to the VMAs as I began my MTV journey. That room made me. I want every kid at PV to have their own special place at school, regardless of their financial standing. I love you for helping. 💕 Represent.com/Hilarie
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Bring on all the feels! Headed back to Tree Hill in February to hang with the fabulous @fwbcharityevents and @chadmichaelmurray ! I will 100% be wearing my #highschoolforever gear. So if you wanna twin it up, make sure you grab your gear in the link in my bio! There’s only 1 day left!
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“Mom! I have an idea!” Sweet Gus decided that his little sister HAD to have a Park View cheerleading uniform for when we go back to Sterling. He grabbed some felt. Thread and needle. A little glue. And voila! I love taking my kids home. I love how sweet the student body of Park View is to them, high fiving in the hallway and making them feel cool and grown up. I love that my boy sees how important it is to help these kids by leveling the playing field. Every kid deserves access to extra curricular activities. Im happy to pass on that Patriot pride to the next generation! Hope you can help us by passing on your own school spirit and grabbing some #highschoolforever gear for someone else. (And if you don’t need another shirt but want to help, consider buying something and just sending it to Park View to be given out to the student body at the first pep rally! The kids will love it! Address is 400 W Laurel Ave. Sterling VA 20164!) Link in bio. Only two days left! @parkviewsca
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It’s Saturday kids! Even as an adult, my body clock still tells me to start planning mischief for tonight. My friends and I were so damn good at TP-ing houses. It was my favorite. The boys tried to retaliate one night by hitting up @sbaughman7582 ’s house. Her dad was military. Popped up outta nowhere, caught them and ran them off with a baseball bat. They just didn’t have the stealth and skill set that we girls had! 2020 will be my 20th high school reunion. In honor of that, I’m resurrecting my TP army. Won’t you please join our immature club? (Link in bio) Get yer gear and tell me the dumb stuff you used to do on Saturday nights! Xoxoxo Only 2 days left to buy!!!!!!
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Extracurricular activities are vital to teenage development! The first time I met @jeffreydeanmorgan I knew he was a leader. The “team captain” type. It was hot. He could probably tell I was a bossy, hyper type. Cheerleader. Irritating, but persistent. The skills we learned as kids molded us into the hard headed adults we are now. There are only three days left in our #highschoolforever campaign. If you’ve bought a shirt/hat/mug, I love ya! (If you havent, link in bio) Now tag your three best friends from high school and convince them to get one too! Once they’re all delivered, post your pics with your gear and we’ll be picking a winner to get a package of signed apparel and some sweets from our candy shop @samuelssweetshop ! #parkviewpatriots #projectpatriot Www.represent.com/Hilarie
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I am so proud of these kids!!! I’ve been relentless with my #hig#highschoolforever campaign. For two whole weeks it’s all I’ve posted about. (Sorry! But also, not sorry.) These kids are the reason why! Last year only 18 boys came out to play. Not enough to field a team. There was no Varsity football season at the once mighty Park View. This year, with a bit of financial help and the enthusiasm and support of the community, we have a full team. I want that support and enthusiasm to extend to ALL the extracurriculars at my Title 1 school so they can all flourish this way! If you’re in Northern VA, go cheer for my dudes. They’re brave and resilient and so sweet. And make sure to get your #highschoolforever gear. Link in bio. 4 days left in the campaign. I love you for helping!! Xoxoxo Www.represent.com/Hilarie
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