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Documenting Hong Kong’s changing attitudes towards masculinity, photographer @alexleese new 60-page zine captures a new wave of youth independence and individuality. Read more: hero-magazine.com
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London designer @danielwfletcher takes us on a tour of his Hackney design studio and dishes out his work schedule secrets. Read more at: hero-magazine.com
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DOPE FUZZ 100% – Ever wanted to shred like Kim Gordon et al? Haven’t we all. Well here’s your chance, as New Jersey-based music shop GBDD are auctioning off four of the band’s guitar pedals on eBay – all authorised by former Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley. Read more: hero-magazine.com
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Kim Jones is set to replace Kris Van Assche as artistic director at @diorhomme after it was announced earlier today that the Belgian designer was leaving the fashion house after eleven years. Read more: hero-magazine.com (photo: Dior Homme FW18 by @portiamaae) #DiorHomme #KrisVanAssche #KimJones
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British independent publisher @palmstudios is back with a new release, Palm Book, featuring a collection of work from the platform’s long-time partners located across the globe. Read our full interview with founder and curator @lolapaprocka and see images from inside the book at: hero-magazine.com (photo by @pani_paul)
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We talk to adrenaline-junkie extreme sports rider @travispastrana about life, death and what it's like to fly 100ft in the air on a daily basis. Read the full interview at: hero-magazine.com
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British photograph Perry Ogden’s new book documents the childhood years of Traveller boys Paddy and Liam. “They grew up in a caravan in my former partner’s garden,” Ogden tells us. Photographing the boys on various occasions, the series follows them between the age of ten and sixteen, focusing in on a time of discovery and development. Read our interview with Ogden at: hero-magazine.com
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We talk to the director and stars of short film, ‘The Iron Sisters’ - a Western film subverting Hollywood gender stereotypes in a badass matriarchal world. More: hero-magazine.com
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