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Abbbbbbbbbbbarooooos 👊🏼😅 don’t forget to double tap❤️ feeling pretty exhausted today so kept it short, quick but as always... SO HARD BUT SO GOOD YA KNOW 1️⃣ 10 jackknives each side 2️⃣ 15 tuck ins while holding a hollow the entire time sooo good 3️⃣ 10 single-leg tuck ins Repeat circuit 3 times!!! Credit: @whitneyysimmons
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SNACKS😍🍓 #health
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Healthy snacks are the best snacks 😛😩 Who else agrees?❤️❤️ #health
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Happy Sunday everyone!! #health
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“The mind becomes the problem because you have taken thoughts so deeply inside you that you have forgotten completely the distance–that they are visitors, they come and go.” - Osho #health
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Look at things from a different perspective. It's time to take your life to a new level. #health
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Açaí 🌈 This colourful bowl made my morning awesome 🤗What did you eat this morning? #health
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