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WAKE! UP! WEST! COAST! #HappyTogether is starting NOW!
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“One season later!!! Premiere and Finale both ending with one goofy fam and a guitar.” - @itsfelixwhat ❤️ The season finale of #HappyTogether is starting NOW!
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“A custom #HappyTogether cake on set. I had to get a taste. It was INCREDIBLE chocolate cake!” - @amberonistevenswest
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“Allergic reaction to medication the day before our first rehearsal for Season 1. What a start!” - Victor Williams #HappyTogether
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“Absolute legend.” - @itsfelixwhat #HappyTogether
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“BTS. Pregnant and giving it!” - @amberonistevenswest #HappyTogether
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“Where it all started. Our first table read!” - @amberonistevenswest #HappyTogether
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“Always happy to ‘grow’ some hair and color in the grays for a flashback scene. This was for the “When Jake Met Claire” episode.” - Victor Williams #HappyTogether
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