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Just chilling, I always stand like this, don't you? @tribalmarks_bydami
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There are more Jeff Goldblum as Pop Tarts at @unofficial.marvel
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Oh, did I already post this last Saturday? Oh whale! 🐋 #spammingyourfeed with #rumplebuttercup and #gubler #bananasacrossamerica #rumpletour
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Feeling Rumpletastic! The #rumplebuttercup tour was so fun! Matthew Gray Gubler was so fun and sweet, he's truly a delight. He high fived Ivan like 7 times, complimented my outfit, and to top it off, told Barnes and Noble to let EVERYONE in, even after they sold out of wristbands 🙀 #rumpletour #bananasacrossamerica #matthewgraygubler
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Pt 2. I couldn't NOT sing along 🤷‍♀️
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Karaoke and cookies with some young ladies today
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I'm not crying, you're crying
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