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Challenge Complete🤣😂 on a cruise ship 🔥😂 @jayden @gileanhoek #Trending #TikTok
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This sh* runs in the family!🤣😭🤣w/ @gileanhoek & @gilcroes 🤣 #TikTok #Trends
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Sometimes you can’t fight what’s given.. instead you need to embrace & learn from it. I’m talking about facing obstacles or set backs .. life has a funny way to introduce these things when least expected. But at the same time it’s the perfect time to grow & expand your mind. You can either allow it to destroy you or allow it to build you up. The last couple of months has been like a roller coaster ride with all these mixed emotions. Being happy, being sad, being in my own head or being in the moment whatever the case may be.. I now challenge my FEARS & ready RISK everything .. otherwise my life has no POWER.. to expose my feelings like this , is to risk exposing my TRUE self, to place my IDEAS & DREAMS before a crowd is to risk JUDGMENT, to LOVE is to risk not being loved in return, to TRY is to risk FAILURE but the BIGGEST risk is to risk NOTHING. “The person that risk nothing, has nothing, does nothing, IS NOTHING.” -L.Brown So as we continue this journey of life together, just know that we are here for each other & we are all fighting our own battles. So do yourself a favor, don’t be hard on your friends & family will ya?! 😂 Love & appreciate them as they are! & I hope these words move you in positive direction. My intention are pure & so is my new youtube video .. link is my bio hahaha don’t let this call to action throw you off .. Im serious about everything, but Im also excited to show you guys our NEW CroesBros Studio😱 couldn’t have done it without you guys! Thanks for making our DREAM come true & I’m super excited for our upcoming projects.. can’t wait to show you guys what we are capable of, once again thanks for the massive support, I freaking LOVE you guys! <333 -gil P.S. My TikTok account is not working 100% & Im sorry that you are not receiving any of my notifications or not seeing me on the follow list but TikTok is aware of this & is working hard on fixing it. Thanks for your patience! Love ya!!
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When your friend wants to tell you something but ends up not telling you.😤🤣 @jayden & @gioleocadia | TAG LE FRIEND | #Comedy
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Inspired by the legend 🤣#MyRoleModel #TikTok
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How me & my best friend communicate 🤣 @jayden | TAG LE BESTIE🤣... & try to guess what I meant at the end😂 #SecretLanguage #Comedy
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When someone’s breath STINKS🤢🤣 @jayden | TAG YA FRIENDS 🤪
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