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#Repost @agigraphic with @get_repost ・・・ Meet graphic designer and #AGI member Léon Muñoz Santini (México, inducted in 2017), who studied political science before shifting his attention to graphics and photography. Léon’s practice focusses primarily on editorial and book design working with institutions in México and abroad; he founded publishing house Gato Negro Ediciones in 2013. 1. A selection of book published by Gato Negro Ediciones, an independent publishing house printing limited editions with a Risograph. #alliancegraphiqueinternationale @santinileon @gatonegroediciones
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#Repost @rot@rotor_books with @get_repost ・・・ Volte #1 Monologe von #wolframlotz @spectorbooks | 4.0 oder Die Lücke die der Rechner lässt von #dirkbaecker #merveverlag | An Attempt at a „Compositionist Manifesto“ by #brunolatour @gatonegroediciones | Gute Unterhaltung - Eine Dekonstruktion der abendländischen Passionsgeschichte von #byungchulhan @matthesundseitzberlin //// get them all @rotor_books #bookstagram #booklover #espresso #leipzig #kolonnadenstrasse
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#Repost @marfabookco with @get_repost ・・・ Come hear Dolores Dorantes read from her work tomorrow @wro@wrongmarfa at 6 pm. Dorantes is the author of several books of poems including “Intervenir / Intervene” and “Style”. And a collaboration with Zoe Leonard is just out from @gatonegroediciones / Thanks to Buck @wrongmarfa for copresenting this reading with us! Wednesday, December 12th #mar#marfaco #marfa #poetry @kenningeditions @uglyducklingpresse
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NEW RELEASE I'm going to walk on water. Say. Bring me all those parts of the body and put them here. Say. I’m the body and I'm on the table. Soy tu cuerpo y estoy sobre la mesa, en la estructura divisoria del mundo. Soy tu cuerpo y estoy sobre la mesa del mercado del mundo. Soy tu cuerpo y estoy sobre la mesa, donde se encausa la corriente del mundo. I'm the farce, arranged at strategic points of our territories. Between the face and neck, for example. Between the anchored ankle and satisfaction. El río The River A collaboration Zoe Leonard Dolores Dorantes 17 x 23 cm 156 pp. Printed in Risography
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This Sunday, last day of the exhibition South of No North, a retrospective of our publishing practice at the Fowler Museum at UCLA. Thanks to the artists and authors involved on this display, @nirvanapazmx, @malepizani and Zoe Leonard. And thanks to the UCLA Design Media Arts Departament, the @fowlermuseum, and @sebzoe, curator of the exhibition.
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Estaremos en Casa de nadie, zona centro, Xalapa, Ver. vendiendo publicaciones en el bazar de @estridentes #contracorriente el día de hoy hasta las 6 pm. Pasen a saludar ❤️✨
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#Repost @anti_foto with @get_repost ・・・ Doris Sommer, published by the exquisite Gato Negro press.
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