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Just favorites: 💕 Kerry Ann Lee and Cynthia Navarro flirting Malena Pizani’s artist at Hauser & Wirth LA’s bookstore. 😻🧘‍♂️🐚 @tinysplendor @bigsur_galeria @hauserwirth #kerryannlee #gatonegroediciones @gatonegroediciones @malepizani #anartist #AnArtist #malenapizani #hauserwirth @artbook
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#Repost @andregarciaflores with @get_repost ・・・ Estoy muy feliz porque pronto podrán encontrar a #Rebeca en Europa, con @anagrambooksdistribution
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#Repost @carolieparker with @get_repost ・・・ Los Otros, from Gato Negro Ediciones, Mexico DF #gatonegroediciones #materialartfair
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Cuc Amo Nga Ricardo Pohlenz 🌸🏀🧠👁🧦🐚📞💭👁‍🗨 New release/ Novedad Something is moving beneath the surface of the land. It´s a rabbit digging rapidly a hole along the countryside. The bunny gets out of the hole and opens up a map to check his whereabouts. He says to himself: “Let´s see now. Through Azusa, turn left at Cucamonga… till you hit Los Angeles. The straight out Wilshire Boulevard to the La Brea Tar Pits. I knew I should of taken that left turn at Albuquerque.” It´s a Warner cartoon form the nineteen forties seen once too often in my childhood, dubbed in Spanish. The left turn at Cucamonga, or more precisely, the word Cucamonga scintillated like a strange jewel, pronounced once and again, nonsensical and bombastic. I didn´t know then that it was a valley in San Bernardino. It also explains why it was used in a Warner cartoon. You´re driving down a highway in southern California and you read a sign of the next exit. You read it out loud: “Rancho Cucamonga”, you use it in a Warner cartoon, you used as a title for a concrete poetry book as nonsensical and bombastic as the word. You say the word, you inhabit the word, you make a habit of the word -any word- you choose it at random, then you choose another and another, making a sound pattern that means one thing and the next. Words run along –never moving, never standing still- between content and expression, between Deleuze and Guattari: an abstract machine, an abstract monster, an abstract. #gatonegroediciones @gatonegroediciones @erepohlenz #ricardopohlenz #concretepoetry #experimentalpoetry #visualpoetry #nothing
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#Repost @todasmispalabras with @get_repost ・・・ #lasritaazulreporta Los poemas contentos. Toda la poesía toda. Entre dos que se miran aparece esa gran posibilidad que es la palabra. Luego, entre palabra y palabra, el silencio. No podrían existir la una sin el otro. . . En la foto, uno de los mensajes emitidos desde la portada de #DaniZelko (Bs.As., 1990). Gato Negro Ediciones, Ciudad de México. . . #inspiración #escenas #BuenosAires #arteba #gatonegroediciones #libros #poesía #libroobjeto
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#Repost @biquiniwax_tv with @get_repost ・・・ @gatonegroediciones Cómo se imprime un mural Cien pesos Por Daniel Aguilar @crocotas
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Tomorrow evening! Mother, We All Have Been Lonely and Lovely Places, by Lara Konrad ❤️🧞‍♀️⚡️✨💥💀 Reading: June 7th-8pm Galerie Norbert Arns Lindenstraße 19, Cologne @l.a.r.a.4.e.v.e.r @galerienorbertarns @gatonegroediciones #larakonrad #gatonegroediciones #galerienorbertarns
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