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LEGS! glute-focused. my booty cheeks were sore for days after this one. 1️⃣ sumo deadlifts. 2 warm up sets + 3 heavier working sets of 8-10. i always forget these exist but they're AMAZING! 2️⃣ tri-set a. the best hip thrust machine on earth 4x12. there is no better squeeze than on this machine. b. abductor 4x12-15 c. bodyweight walking lunges 4x10 per leg 3️⃣ superset a. hack squat 4x15 slow and controlled, aim for 4 second tempo on the way down. (i had the machine set a bit wrong for my body, i could've been squatting down much further if i adjusted it right) b. 1 leg hamstring curl 4x10 per leg wearing @alphalete halo leggings in S and vault bra in XS tan by @thebronzehouse 🧚🏼
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hullo i bought nike socks because you guys bullied me into it @alphalete
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I AM SO SORE from this back/shoulder workout!!! my workouts at @officialalphaletegym are always SO GOOD. 🥵 1️⃣ seated row 4 sets total 1 warmup set, 2 working sets of 10 reps, 2 drop sets dropping the weight twice. 2️⃣ superset a. lat pulldown 3x8-10 b. face pull 3x12 3️⃣ shoulder press pyramid of 4 sets total, increase the weight each set. 12, 10, 8, 6 4️⃣ DB lateral raises 3x15 5️⃣ superset a. reverse fly 3x15 focusing on both rear delts and upper back b. low cable row 3x10 @alphalete #backworkout #shoulderworkout #upperbodyworkout
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new new @alphalete 🌚 surface wrap bra, surface path leggings - not out yet!
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every time i try to take nice photos, by the end they are a mess
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hullo & welcome to my struggle bus of filming!!! today was LEG DAY! [i swear i am not trying to thirst trap with these angles i just don't want to carry around an awkward tripod at the gym and i get nervous with people watching me carry around benches to set up filming ok thank u i am sorry] my legs were already sore from F45 yesterday so I went lighter and did more reps. 1️⃣ you already know.... hamstring curls 3 sets of 10 superset with bodyweight walking lunges 3 sets of 10/leg - like i do every leg day to warm up! didn't film this but scroll back to other leg days to see. 2️⃣ hack squat - 4 sets of 10-12 reps 3️⃣ superset a. close stance leg press 3x15. i know everyone and their mother says to "keep your feet wide for more glute activation" but that's just a flat out lie to me LMAO. never in my LIFE has putting my feet at a wide stance hit my glutes better... i just get more inner thigh that way??? thank u, next. INSTEAD, i feel leg press SO MUCH in my booty cheeks when i keep my feet CLOSE TOGETHER and focus on pushing with my glutes (via my heels, and not pushing on the pad with your toes). you do you, but close stance has always given me the absolute BEST cheek burn. for an extra ~zing~ on your last rep, pause at the top of the movement and squeeeeze your booty for as long as you can! this destroys me. b. slider lunges 3x10/leg .. speaking of cheek burn... hi. rip. these look simple but they are deadly for your glutes. keep your core nice and tight and only put pressure on the leg that is standing. use a towel if you/your gym doesn't have slider plates. 4️⃣ elevated sumo squats 4x15-20 totally do not need to be elevated for these, you can do them on the ground too! we decided to stand on the assisted pull up machine to get more depth. we also wanted to do dumbbell straight leg deadlifts and curtsey lunges on the smith machine but we were both v sore and decided it was best to leave it at that!! add those moves in if you want a more complete workout.
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sunday morning coff yesterday ☕️ irrelevant but there's a cute white heart 🤍 emoji now which is fabulous on my dark mode phone
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