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colorful, always fun ⋆。˚ • germany | from FL • twitter: esantoinette_ • inquiries/collab: [email protected] v latest video v
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colorful, always fun ⋆。˚ • germany | from FL • twitter: esantoinette_ • inquiries/collab: [email protected]il.com v latest video v
Hellloooo finally the first collab is here and I had to ask @kianamitchell_ to be a part of this :’) Swipe to see her rendition and go show her page some love! She suggested this amazing artist, @0073.uv, and their artwork is what inspired these looks (swipe to see). And Kiana’s twist has me screaming, I love it so much and it’s perfect for Pride Month! - face: @imagiccosmetics 12 color crème palette @lim@limecrimemakeup softwear blush [digital peach] @juviasplace the douce palette [crepes] @kryolanofficial aquacolors [mixed orange and black for freckles] @danessa_myricks cushion color [cloud control] @honest_beauty magic balm (lids + cheeks] lips: @limecrimemakeup plushies [jam] @essence_cosmetics clear gloss + white cushion color lashes: @rouge.and.rogue lady killer lashes - #limecrimemakeup #kryolan #rougeandrogue #avantgarde #myartistcommunity #theartistedit #modelmalay
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SHE’S NEUTRAL !!! Ni la reconocí! How many languages do you guys speak? I’m taking learning German a lil more seriously so let’s say I speak 2 1/4 languages lmao. - eyes + brows: @lim@lim@limecrimemakeup Venus II palette @featherella lashes [angel] @anastasiabeverlyhills dip brow [dark brown] face + base: @milanicosmetics conceal + perfect foundation [shade 02] @limecrimemakeup softwear blush [digital peach] @juviasplace the douce palette [”tart” as highlight] @honest_beauty magic balm lips: @limecrimemakeup wet cherry gloss [bitter cherry] - #neutral #myartistcommunity #limecrimemakeup #wakeupandmakeup #juviasplace #milanicosmetics #featherella #anastasiabrows
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Is it really me if I don’t go missing for a while lol but since I’ve been gone, so many new people have shown up and I’ve received so much love in the past few days! 170k YALL!??? Thank y’all so much, I’m so happy to have you guys. I have a lot to catch up on and we will hopefully see new things coming on my part! ;) - @honest_beauty magic balm (eyes and cheeks for dew) brows: @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow gel [dark brown] spots: @fentybeauty liquid liners [skinny dip and hot tub club] @suvabeauty #hydraliner [sea nymph] @colourpopcosmetics creme gel liner [prance] blush: @lim@limecrimemakeup softwear blushes [dark web + digital peach] lips: @limecrimemakeup wet cherry gloss [fluorescent cherry] - #limecrimemakeup #anastasiabeverlyhills #honestbeauty #colourpop #fentybeauty #suvabeauty #dewy #splatter
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Big ole freak for pastels, y’all know thissss. What was your favorite part of the weekend? My usual favorite is the roast sessions between me and my family lmao - eyes + brows: @claropsyche psyche’s box (on cheeks too) @hudabeauty lashes [camille 16] @lim@limecrimemakeup hi-lite unicorns [frolic] @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow gel [dark brown] highlight: @limecrimemakeup hi-lite unicorns palette [frolic + happyland] lips: @fentybeauty poutsicle [sun snatched + tropic tantrum] - #pastel #claropsyche #fentybeauty #limecrimemakeup #hudabeauty #anastasiabeverlyhills #theartistedit #myartistcommunity
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Hiiii it’s just me showing off this cute lil top and earrings from the latest @delias x @dollskill drop today :~) Also has this week flown by for anyone else?? I can’t believe it’s pretty much...June omfg - brows: @lim@limecrimemakeup bushy brow pen + bushy brow gel in brownie eyes + blush: @limecrimemakeup softwear blush [dark web] @acebeaute blossom passion palette @danessa_myricks cushion color [cloud control] @featherella lashes [angel] lips: @mycarmex + brown liner lol - #dollskill #delias #acebeaute #limecrimemakeup #blush #myartistcommunity #bushybrows
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took me long enough hehe this video is now live on YouTube ahaHA go check it out if you wanna laugh at my pain lmao (link in bio) also fun fact, the Spice Adams laugh is my text tone lol - base + face: @milanicosmetics conceal and perfect foundation @hudabeauty tantour bronzer in “light” @ana@ana@anastasiabeverlyhills pigment [crystal] brows: @limecrimemakeup bushy brow pen [email protected] tinted brow gel + dip brow @acebeaute blossoms passion palette @danessa_myricks colorfix in fruit punch @anastasiabeverlyhills pigments [daquiri, desert] @featherella lashes in style “angel” lips: @anastasiabeverlyhills lipsticks [coconut and orange blossom] - #graphicliner #myartistcommunity #anastasiabeverlyhills #featherella #limecrime #danessamyricks #acebeaute #howdy #bigmeatyclaws
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Something quick 🌞 Anybody who wears lashes daily has absolutely too much power! How do you do it ! So excited to play with these @fen@fen@fentybeauty goodies more though, thank y’all so much. - face + base: @narsissist sheer glow foundation [fiji] @limecrimemakeup softwear blush [digital peach] eyes: @fentybeauty liner [skinny dip] @colourpopcosmetics crush on you palette [talk in code] @beautybakeriemakeup eyelash icing mascara brows: @anastasiabeverlyhills tinted brow gel lips: @fentybeauty pro kiss’r lip balm - #fentybeauty #beautybakerie #colourpop #colourpopme #limecrimemakeup #anastasiabeverlyhills #myartistcommunity #natural #lmao
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finally! Inspiration for this was artwork done by the very talented @roxartss (swipe to see and go check them out!) 🌱There’s a video of this up on yootoob if y’all wanna check it out for me hehe the link is in my bio! Who are some of your fave artists on here or in general? - @kryolanofficial aquacolors @mehronmakeup paradise paints [pastel palette] @imagiccosmetics 12 color crème palette @badhabitbeauty after shock palette @acebeaute slice of paradise palette @follyfire matte manipulation lip [never cave] @anastasiabeverlyhills eyeshadows [noir, morocco] - #myartistcommunity #avantgarde #theartistedit #modelmalay #100daysofmakeup #anastasiabeverlyhills #watercolor #acebeaute #kryolan
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