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Dang! “I miss the Sh*t we did as kids” Because Adulthood is the worst Hood I have ever lived in 😂 0 Stars I do not recommend “VERY GHETTO” Like if you Agree 💯 Outfit: @brooklyncloth 📸: @pbd #BkFam #InMyJoggers #FashionAmbassador #StyleMagazine #OutfitGoal #LifestyleFashion #StylePost #ModelStatus #LiveCreatively
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I’m making a lot of changes in my personal and creative life! With that being said I’ll be rebranding my page, website, and social media image. ✨ So a lot of these post wont survive and will be deleted soon! I’ve already gone and deleted about 200post! But over the next 2 months It will be a big shift in my content and aesthetic to match more of who I am, and who I aspire to be! So I hope y’all will continue to joining me on this journey! 😁 P.S. My page, stories, and highlights will be a bit of a mess during the process so bare with me 😅
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This year will definitely be a year of #Growth 🌱 #Healing 🧘‍♂️ and #Focus ✨I appreciate the hard times the last couple of years have put me through because I’ve learned so much about myself, and what it really means to #LoveYourself 💚 which is always a constant process that I’m still working on. I’ve also learned to focus my energy towards the people and things that really matter most to me. I really just want to help and take care of people, and bring light to peoples lives, but in order to do that I have to spend some time focusing on getting my own life together! So here’s to Focusing and being the best you, you can be 🥂✨
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It’s a New Year so why not keep celebrating like everyday’s a Holiday! 🍾 This #ASTROGLIDE formula is Water-based, easy cleanup, Long-lasting, Condom compatible (with natural rubber latex condoms), Ultra-gentle & hypoallergenic to enhance overall sexual enjoyment and give you #OutOfThisWorldPleasure Happy New Year everyone make sure you celebrate them the right way. 😉 @astroglide_hq Available at CVS, Walmart , and Amazon! #ASTROGLIDEPartner
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ITS #2020 WE MADE IT YALL🎉🎊 Regardless of all the Struggles, the Pains, the Heartache, and the Losses! We survived and made it to another year! That is all the reason in the World to Celebrate! As long as we’re alive we can keep going, and if just being Alive to make it to this next year isn’t enough to keep you going I don’t know what else is! I’m WISHING Everyone the BEST YEAR YOU’VE EVER HAD! ✨ HERE’S TO LIFE 🥂 #CHEERS & #HAPPYNEWYEARS
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#HAPPYNEWYEAR #2020 🎊🎉 You Filthy Party Animals! ✨ Song: #Shots - LMFAO & @liljon Video: JustHsveFun - @kalicassofficial
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#2019 took the life out of me 😂 so this skeleton face is an accurate depiction of how I look at the end of this year 💀😂 but I’m still here SATAN! Going into the #NewYear Like: Keeping this same Energy! #MOOD: ALL #2020 #NYE Song: Shape of You - @edsheerandouble & @wearegalantis Video: @brianwagonerphotography
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We all have our #VICES. Let me be one of yours 😈💊🚬🍻 “Hey Google” Play: “Sin City” by @princechrishan Trunks: @jjmalibu 💰
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