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Let's travel with purpose Get ready to have memorable trip by giving impact Are you ready to change the way you travel ?
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Let's travel with purpose Get ready to have memorable trip by giving impact Are you ready to change the way you travel ?
Memorable Malaysia Day 3 (The other side of Malaysia) Malaysia is not only about sight seeing in the city. We also explore the other side of Malaysia. Had breakfast in peacefull area and we can eat as much as we want. Because no other guest. Did water activity in glamping area, we called it Malaysia amazing race 馃槀 . Collected braveness to jump from above to the water. But unfortunately just two of us that brave to jump 馃槀 #dreamescapeproject #malaysiatrip #memorabletrip #traveler #travelwithpurpose
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Memorable Malaysia Day 2 (Farewell night and BBQ Time) After we explored the city side of Malaysia, we went to glamping area. We felt the other side of Malaysia. So quite, peacefull and feel like glamping area was ours. Because no other guest. Just us. We spent our last night with cook our own meals together, having more conversation, watched movie (from phone 馃槀) and wrote love letter for each other. We wrote our true feeling about each other and hope it always be something to remember that we ever spent time together #dreamescapeproject #malaysiatrip #memorabletrip #traveler #travelwithpurpose
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Memorable Malaysia Day 2 (Explore Malaysia) We tried local food and got surprised because the portion was big with reasonable price. We walked thousand steps while talked with each other and shared about anything. We went to China town, Pasar Seni, Klcc and Bukit Bintang. Using Malaysia's public transportation gave us new experience and teach us how discipline Malaysian while using public facilities. Our foot feel tired but our heart full of happiness because of this togetherness #dreamescapeproject #malaysiatrip #memorabletrip #traveler #travelwithpurpose
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Memorable Malaysia Day 1 (Memorable Learning) So many ways to learn. We never have this kind of intimate sharing session. It was so memorable. We can ask anything to the one that really adorable @int@intanirani . We did it casually, and learned lot of things from @intanirani . We are grateful for having you in our sharing session #dreamescapeproject #malaysiatrip #memorabletrip #traveler #travelwithpurpose
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Memorable Malaysia Day 1 (Social Impact in fun way) There are so many ways to give impact. We collab with @dapurjalanankl to prepare and share food for who need it in Malaysia. It was memorable. We also got new Malaysian friends. Give impact and have new friends such as perfect combination. That's the true happiness #dreamescapeproject #malaysiatrip #memorabletrip #traveler #travelwithpurpose
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Memorable Malaysia Day 1 (Stranger become family) At first, we just stranger that meet at the airport. But, after having some conversation, we started knowing each other and become family #dreamescapeproject #malaysiatrip #memorabletrip #traveler #travelwithpurpose
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GIVEAWAY APRIL! Hadiah : 1 Buku The Naked Traveler 8 Trinity menumpahkan hal hal seru yang bikin seneng, kesal, geli, haru, sedih dan nagih. Semua lagi lagi untuk menularkan virus traveling. Simak juga curhatan pembaca setia yang hidupnya berubah setelah membaca seri "The Naked Traveler" . Mau bukunya secara gratis ? Bisa banget! Gimana cara ikutnya ? 1. Follow instagram @dreamescapeproject 2. Mention 5 temanmu di kolom komentar ini 3. DONE! Kamu sudah memiliki kesempatan untuk memiliki buku The Naked Traveler 8 --> 1 akun hanya untuk 1 komentar. Pemenang akan diundi menggunakan Random Generator, sehingga semua memiliki kesempatan yang sama untuk mendapatkan giveaway ini. Periode giveaway : 3-10 April 2019 Pengumuman : 11 April 2019 Dream Escape Project akan menanggung biaya pengiriman buku ke alamat pemenang. Yuk ikut giveaway sekarang juga! #thenakedtraveler8 #thefarewell #bookgiveaway #giveaway #dreamescapeproject
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SNEAK PEEK OF THE PROGRAM Traveling is not only about having fun. With Dream Escape Project, you will gain your empathy and sense of belonging by helping others need. The other side of Malaysia where a lot of people need food everyday. We will collaborate with one of NGO at Kuala Lumpur to prepare and serve the food for those who need it. Let's spread the kindness and mutual understanding eventhough we are different. Guys, your money will be delivered to help them. That would be meaningful to help people across nation #travelwithpurpose #dreamescapeproject #volunteeringabroad
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