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Green drink Day - Health and Wellness Resolutions Um 😐 🤷‍♀️ I never make New Years resolutions so I haven’t fallen off the rails yet. 😊 I have a general life time resolution to stay healthy and fit so I can enjoy myself and be here for my family and friends. I exercise, and eat good and healthy food. I am traveling this week and doing lots of hiking- my husband took this picture. #365picturetoday
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Opposite Day 25/366 After a long bike ride I just had to rest and I sat down on the grass. I noticed a momma chicken and her baby chick 🐤 and grabbed my camera. “Big Little Poultry. “😂 #365picturetoday
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Compliment Day 24/365 All my compliments go to my husband for taking me on this spectacular hike yesterday on Kauai. ♥️ #365picturetoday
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Handwriting day Lesson from my yoga instructor. #365picturetoday
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Library shelfie day This is the book that I am currently enjoying. Whenever I read a good book I like to pass it on to someone else who I think would enjoy it . I’m not interested in building up a personal library anymore. #365picturetoday
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Hugging Day- repost It’s a busy day ✈️ for me so this is the best I can do It is a repost of my favorite tree hugging picture I took last summer. #365picturetoday
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20/366 National Cheese Day Once a week homemade pizza is what’s for dinner. #365picturetoday #pizza #nationalcheeseday #tillamook
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