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🙌 Notable ceramics and sculpture to add to your collection! ▪️'Blue Marble Collection: Large'▪️26 cm▪️Vulcan black stoneware DM us for more information or click the link in our bio! #degreeart #ceramics #functionalart #stoneware #contemporaryartcurator
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🎨 #thursdaytakeover 🎨 AMBER ROSE OLIVIER: ' Some days I just want to draw illustrations, some days I just feel like painting. I make my best art when I am in my studio with no distractions.' To view more of Amber's work go to
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👩‍🎨 #thursdaytakeover 👩‍🎨 AMBER ROSE OLIVIER: 'I believe, in some form or another, discipline and structure are needed to be consistent in your craft. Therefore, a big part of my creative process is the organisation and clarification of my ideas for the type of art I practice.'
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🎨 #thursdaytakeover 🎨 AMBER ROSE OLIVIER: 'Often, before I have even started to create I have got the rough idea from a dream or idea I had. Then I quickly write or scribble it down. From a young child, I have always done this, being creative.'
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❤️ Of the Heart ❤️ 40 x 40 cm ❣️ Acrylic on Canvas ❣️ #degreeart #abstractart #painting #colourpainting #acryliconcanvas
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• Silicone Minds - Chapter 27 • 70 x 50 cm • Fine Art Epson Paper • #degreeart #photography #photographymakingart #fineartphotography
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• Brand New Collection • Ottelien Huckin FRIST EVER ceramic works. This collection has been created whilst Ottelien has been artist in residence at the Bankside Hotel • 🏺 🍽️ DM us for more information 🏺 🍽️ #degreeart #artistinresidence #ceramicwork #figurativework
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