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Cuties, both of them 🤗❤️ @nick._p @margie_engle @teamrakowsky
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Indian summer
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This one is for the person in this sea of supporters at the @elizabethwarren rally who crowd surfed me his own rain jacket after noticing I didn’t have one. I’m always in awe of that random act of generosity.
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Presidential Democratic candidate and Senator of Massachusetts, @elizabethwarren looking out over the 15,000 supporters who attended her rally last night in Washington Sq
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All eyes on @elizabethwarren tonight in Washington Square
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My favorite frame from this last trip to Michigan. From motherhood to top level sport and competition, Alison Firestone Robitaille makes it look easy. Now up @noellefloyd and as always thanks to @caroline.culbertson for the trust and freedom and @codycolebrown for making it all seamless.
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Coming in hot to the weekend like these two @adriennesternlicht & Shadowfax
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It’s the little moments that are the most memorable
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