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The PINK CRACKED BEAR limited Edition will be released this Friday July 26th at 12 Noon ET at The edition is made of fabric, plaster, and pigment. Like its Blue Cracked Bear counterpart, the Edition is incomplete until further cracked to the specifications of its collector, making each Bear unique. PINK CRACKED BEAR comes complete with Arsham Studio art handling gloves and a holographic edition number verifying its authenticity. This is an edition of 500.
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The @dior mens jewelry team told me about this idea almost a year ago. They found some 19th century pendants that unfolded like a book. Their idea was to take the Crystal Eroded Sculpture I made of Christian Dior’s book and turn it into a necklace pendant that could be taken off and worn as a bracelet. The execution by @yoon_ambush and her team, wow 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @mrkimjones 💫
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Sketch vs. Reality. About 10 years between them.
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These paintings are part of a series I made 10 years ago that brought my work in conversation with Sculptural Antiquity. I have recently been granted access to an archive of molds of works from the @museelouvre that date back thousands of years. The results will be shown next year with @emmanuelperrotin in Paris 🗿⛏
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@dior jumpsuits with eroded Letters💧Only 25 made for the show staff ❄️ @mrkimjones 🔌
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I made a Limited Edition of only 20 pieces of the @nas Lost Tapes 2 Crystal Eroded Cassette. Nas and I will be donating the entire $200K proceeds from the sale to Charity. I will be giving $100K to @thecooperunion and Nas will be giving $100K to his Elementary School in Queens NY. The full album comes out This Friday! 🗯
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A couple thousand pounds of geological materials transformed into objects you know. A visitor remarked, “It’s like time traveling and being able see your life in a history book”
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