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2020 is that you playa!?
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Just spreading a lil cheer for the holidays 🤟🏾.
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Many small efforts can lead to something major #GoGreen
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Many thanks to @acclinks for hosting me at their 23rd Annual Respect Yourself Youth Symposium, which has supported over 2,500 kids by exposing them to STEM subjects like coding and robotics and giving them access to workshops in goal setting and self-esteem building. I had the privilege of talking to the kids at this year’s symposium about my own story and how they can achieve their own dreams through hard work, perseverance and determination. Excited to see what they accomplish! #linksinc
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Went to Candytopia to advocate to the youth that candy helps you jump higher. It’s crazy what people do when y’all don’t share the same beliefs...
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It’s Me! The Black Teletubby.
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Had to bring the goons out
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🍾 shower target locked and loaded! Esketiiiiiiiiit!
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