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*Insert food here*...(please and thank you kindly) 😝😝πŸ€ͺ #longweekend#itsbeenalongweek . #mytongueislongerthanyours#throwbacktuesday#bitchplease ____ Posted by @schmitt.happenss Don't forget to follow us @dachshundworldig
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I see that the white stuff is back again πŸ™„ Not for me. No thank you. Not a chance I’m heading out for walkies today βœ‹ ____ Special thank to @minidasheric Happy day with @dachshundworldig
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Could anyone EVER say no to that face? πŸ‘€ ____ Credit: @minidasheric Happy day with @dachshundworldig
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The only way to make this Monday better is by getting some belly rubs πŸ‘ŒπŸ» #AnyTakers? ____ Posted by @mayathedox Plz Follow us @dachshundworldig
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Your face when someone opens the fridge. πŸ‘€ food?!? ____ πŸ’“Thanks for sharing your image by @loulouminidachshund Plz Follow us @dachshundworldig
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#MCM goes to this cutie @alfie.dachshund 😍😍 Check out more Fab Doxies at @dac@dachshunddivas πŸ’• ____ Credit: @dachshunddivas Follow me @dachshundworldig for more image
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I’m feeling goooooood 😎 . . . . . . #miniaturedachshund #puppy #dog #sausagedogpuppy #dachshund ____ πŸ“· Reposted from: @rubyrosetheminidach Follow me :➑ @dachshundworldig for more πŸ’
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Have you ever heard the story of the wolf who cried Lincoln? β€’ β€’ β€’ #sausagedogsofinstagram #sausagedogcentral #weinerdog #weinerdogsofinstagram #doxiesofinstagram ____ Via @littlelincolnlog Plz Follow us @dachshundworldig
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