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Finally new rules in Danish law makes it easier for gay and bisexual men to donate blood, introducing a long-awaited provision allowing gay men to give blood. However LGBT Denmark say they don’t go far enough to eliminate discrimination. In spite of the forthcoming regulation it is still illegal for men who have sex with men to donate blood if they have had sex within three months of donating. #Freedomtodonate
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In October 2015 the nightclub Colectiv in Bucharest caught fire, causing one of the biggest disasters in recent Romanian history. 27 people died, while 180 were seriously injured. But the disaster proved to be even greater. As journalists at a local sports newspaper start investigating the case, the entire Romanian health sector and the Social Democratic government appear to be involved. Following the film screening of the Romanian director Alexander Nanau’s COLLECTIVE on March 18, we present four of the sharpest investigative journalists in Denmark: Morten Pihl, Tea Krogh Sørensen, Eva Jung og Michael Klint - all of whom have won the honorable The Cavling Prize for outstanding journalistic work. #cphdox20 #colectiv #documentaryfilm #cavlingprisen
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It’s showtime! We’ve dedicated one entire evening to glam and gloss and present YOU DON’T NOMI together with the original film by Paul Verhoeven’s SHOWGIRLS. The evening will also include a pop-up nail salon and drinks straight from Las Vegas. So, mark your calendars with a star on March 20. Find more information via our website. #cphdox20 #showgirls #documentaryfilm #vivalasvegas
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The international documentary film community throws support behind Oscar-shortlisted Syrian director Feras Fayyad after visa denial. Fayyad was barred from traveling to the US last month to promote his critically acclaimed THE CAVE due to visa issues. THE CAVE is the unflinching story of the Syrian war and the subterranean hospital known as the Cave, where  Dr. Amani Ballour works while bomb drops above. THE CAVE is premiering in Danish cinemas today. #supportferas #thecave
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With the rise of authoritarian politicians, anti-abortion movements gaining ground and the threat of climate change lurking in the background, Margaret Atwood’s books have never seemed more relevant. Here’s a picture of protestors greeting President Donald Trump in Warsaw, Poland July 2017. He was met by a crowd of women dressed as handmaids inspired by Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale. With the television adaptation of the dystopian ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, Atwood’s name has been cemented world wide. Together with The Royal Library, we invites you to the Danish premiere of the new Atwood documentary in the Queen's Hall, with some of Denmark’s sharpest critics will enter the stage to further open up and examine Atwood's works. See you at #CPHDOX2020
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We return with an artistic cross section of the world in 2020. From March 18. - 29. You can explore the life of a teenage monk, the art of foley, presidential wives and four-legged cosmonauts are among the first film additions to the programme. Stay tuned for further news and additions to the programme #cphdox2020
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We are thrilled and extremely honored to be sharing the longlist for #frameawards2020. A special mention to MBADV Studio for creating our space at Kunsthal Charlottenborg in close collaboration with Normann Copenhagen. _______ #framemagazine #interiordesign #normanncopenhagen #mbadvstudio
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Our fantastic main sponsor, partner and friend through the past years @normanncph is celebrating 20 years anniversary today. A huge congratulation, guys. We are looking forward to even more fun and many more adventures in the future ❤️
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