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.it’s not a joke.murder she wrote.
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.lax -> vnc.
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.esquire uk using Drop as a thesis supporter for a discussion on the psychology of queuing.crazy how much its changed even in two years.
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.did a little video ting for highsnobiety on that christie’s joint.link in bio.
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.that Christie’s Hype x Handbags joint last night was fire.caitlin, noah and the whole Christie’s team killed it.and Marco and Ibrahim’s epic collections shone.blessings boys.heres to absurdly high prices.
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.worked on a fire charity art auction for ABMB and Paddle 8.curated by the homie Jared Aufrichtig, in concert with Nick Katz, Andrew Skate, and Skate Free.peep.
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.overwhelmed by all the love for the Art on Deck launch this week at 10 Corso Como.good looks/Luh y’all.
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.so sometimes I cast aside the fuccboi tings and do something grownup.aod been out nearly two weeks, so i can introduce the new new.façades.a dozen dozen case studies on the very best of contemporary architecture’s exterior aesthetic expositions.don’t hate me cuz i’m erudite.
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