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My second finished self portrait. Wanted this one to be as loose as i can take it while also having a lot of details. Hope ya like it! Reference photo by @damian_mrgreen Graphite on @moleskine #art #drawing #damnimugly #creativeuprising
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This drawing will be shown on July 15th from 6-9pm (198 Allen St.) at the Mother and Child art exhibition -- a one-night-only event benefiting children and families separated at the border. Presented by @Sugarlift and @Colossal "The Circle", Ballpoint on Paper. I'll be there, so please come see the drawing and support your boy 😁🤙🤙 Model: @crisurena and one of her lovely kids
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After two fucking long years i can finally call this piece done! Ballpoint drawing of the legend, @snoopdogg. Reference photo reference taken by the extremely talented @arisjeromephotos Ballpoint on #moleskine
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Last update on this. Just wanted to post something for my birthday 😬🧓. Just a little bit more left of his hair and then back to the face. Gotta be really careful how much detail i add because i can easily fuck the whole thing up #creativeuprising #art #ballpoint #moleskine #drawing #hyperrealism #realism #snoopdogg #photorealism
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Another drawing i havent touched in a while, but gonna try finish it as soon as possible. The hair is killing me. #Ballpoint on #Moleskine Using one of @arisjerome's photos of Snoop as reference. Incredible photographer. #creativeuprising
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Heres an update on this drawing. Working on and off on it for over a year now. Christ im slacking lol Ballpoint on Moleskine #creativeuprising #worldofpencils #ballpoing #art #drawing
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Sketch of @c.har.lee i did a few months ago. Brown colored pencil on moleskine
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Another drawing of my good friend @miriellejefferson. Still really glad she posed for me. Wont be the last drawing you’ll see of her 😬. Happy with it overall, but it still bothers me that i wasnt able to fix that small spot on her cheek. Really sticks out to me. But like a great man once said, “It be like that sometimes”. #creativeuprising #worldofpencils #art
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