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🌈 NEW MERCH INCOMING!🌈 Sorry for the radio silence lately pep squad! 😓 Between school and our dance classes it’s been hard for us to meet outside of club (and we’re sure you don’t want to see sweaty pictures of us lol) We do have a fun surprise though! 🥳 We will soon have these stickers in our concession stand in the link of our bio! They’ll cost only $3 so make sure to pick one up when they’re released! 💕 We have a SUPER limited amount for the time being so get your wallets ready for when we drop them~
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🎁 VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT 🎁 Chi’s birthday video will premiere tonight at 8PM EST! 🎉 Make sure to turn your notifications on and tune in to watch with ChiRi Girls while we wish Chi a happy birthday this year! The video link will be in the linktree shortly.
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Oh my goodness! Time moves so fast nowadays- Tomorrow is Chi’s birthday! 🤭🎉 Don’t tell us you forgot!! Let’s try to surprise her with tons of birthday support and messages! 💫🥰 She’ll be turning 20 this year! . Chi’s birthday video will be released at 8pm EST tomorrow! Make sure to mark your calendars~ 🌸🧸
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During this time of the year, it can be hard to keep up with all of the amazing sales happening all across the internet, so we’re here to remind you of our own sale! Until midnight tonight, ALL of the merch in our store is 15% off! Get your own glitter keychains, tshirts, signed prints, whatever piques your fancy! The link is in our bio, or you can search “ChiRi Girls” on Etsy to find our store! 🥰✨
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We're so happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate on another dance with @michiproject ! This time we did the super cool Mugen Climax by °C-ute, which has some really challenging choreography, but luckily we were working with a really talented group of ladies so we were able to push through it! We also were so grateful to have @ziyangyip.prods help us with the videography, and for staying up so late with us to make sure the shot was perfect! We couldn't have done it without him! Please take a moment to check out everyone's hard work, and stay tuned for more! The link to the full cover is in our bio 💖
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Although we didn’t have access to wireless mics during our judging of anime idol at Grand Rapids Comic Con we still decided to perform our most energetic song: Ikuze Kaitou Shoujo! 🌟 Even though we couldn’t dance hopefully our singing was able to shine through~ 🌸 . Also, our collab with Michi comes out in ONE DAY! 🤭💕 Are you excited to see it??
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🌟INCOMING COLLAB🌟 It’s time for our yearly collab with @michiproject ! 😍 Do you have any idea for the song we picked this time?? It’s kind of mature for us... 🤔💕 Get prepared for the video drop in 3 days from now on the 16th! ✨
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Hey everyone! 💖 We had the opportunity to judge at the Anime Idol competition at Grand Rapids Comic Con this past weekend (run by the great people at @dokidokon_official !) We had a lot of fun there, but it also delayed our ability to process print orders... so we‘ve extended the order deadline to MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! Grab those spooky Halloween prints while you can, because something else is coming veeeery soon~ 💕
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