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happy valentine’s day beb @lilhuddy
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I've been bullied my whole life. That hasn't changed this past year. I'm sharing my story because I know many of you have one too. When you're bullied online it follows you everywhere, at school, in your home, all the places you're supposed to feel safe. It can feel as if there is nowhere to turn. Hate hurts. I have realized over the years that holding in all this hurt causes a lot more damage than reaching out to someone you trust. For me, it was Dixie and my mom and dad. No one can deal with this alone. We all need support. So when @UNICEF asked if I wanted to support #SaferInternetDay, I didn't think twice. They've answered the most popular questions about online bullying — from knowing the difference between a joke and if someone is trying to hurt you, to how to help a friend who is being trolled. We need to open up about the tough parts of growing up online. Tap on the link in my bio to learn about the support that is out there. Let's be kind and build each other up. #ENDviolence
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america, you saw #HowImmus… now i wanna know, how do YOU ‘mmus? @Sabra #SuperBowlLIV #SabraPartner
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just dance tings photos by @jordanmatter
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#SuperBowlLIV? Ok, @7boomeresiason , see you there! Check us out in the @sabra commercial on Feb 2! #OKBoomer #SabraPartner
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baby :) photos by @bryant
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happy birthday to my baby @madimonroeee i love you to the moon and back!!! thank you for all the memories and i can’t wait to make so many more with you 🖤🖤🖤
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