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How's your weekend going so far?! We had a small earthquake earlier this week, and a huge crack split down the wall of my staircase...eeek! Photo by @malloylife As always, to see more of my work please visit
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Bts shooting yesterday. I'll have more from the desert shoot on my patreon!
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Bts at my shoot earlier this week ;)
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Vacation for the next 2 days! I'll miss ya! (Jk, i'll probably still post here if yall are good!)
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Did you see this beautiful photo set I posted on my patreon for everyone pledging $1+ as a thank you for helping me reach my January goal? Photo by @jerry_caldwell The real party is happening the 27th! I'll be live streaming a photoshoot for everyone pledging to my patreon. May have some time for Q&A too!
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Might've sent this to my boyfriend first, dont be jealous :P Bts at my shoot yesterday!
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Cause sometimes stuff is too sheer for ig, lol. photo by @girlsonglass
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Bts with @fromtherooftops_photography this evening! Goodnight everyone! PS, goal was reached on my patreon! I posted a gorgeous throwback photo set for all patrons $1+ as a thank you, and Jan 27 I will be live streaming a patreon photoshoot for all patrons at all pledge jump on this deal asap!
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