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TEETH. 21/8.
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The real reason you followed me - Duke. Love of my life. He doesn’t seem to be too amused though.
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Chose to spend some time in Australia to reconnect with my country. Ended up at Splendour In The Grass with my best friends. Here’s Mitchell, I’ve known him since I was 12. We used to play football together. More like a brother to me now. Hope y’all are having a good week. @mitchking__
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Yes, I wanted to show you the whole outfit but it didn’t fit in the frame. Yes, I shaved my head. I also have the suit jacket to match. It reminded me of David Byrne. Feeling very fulfilled here in Seoul.
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Water is my eye Most faithful mirror Fearless on my breath 💧🥀 The Voice Australia 2019 Photos captured by @dkessler
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Days off with DK. @dkessler @chrishewishtattoo
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Easier Behind The Scenes. All taken by @dkessler.
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Easier. 5/23.
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