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Australia is still facing a horrible crisis with an estimated 1 BILLION animals killed in the wildfires along with 33 people so far. That's why I've dedicated my digital art to benefit something bigger than myself. Tomorrow @ 12 pm PST I will be launching merch on (link in bio) showcasing my art with an option to add your name, just as I do with my photos. 100% of the profit will go towards charity. I will NOT be earning a dime off this. I did this to spread awareness so if the merchandise isn't your thing, then there is also a link on the site that allows for direct donations.
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Like mother, like daughter πŸ₯Ί - My puppy (2nd slide) grew up and recently had her own puppy. So I took a quick moment to give the newborn the same treatment 😭
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Paying tribute today to all the firefighters and volunteers who work tirelessly to fight fires and rescue wildlife. I’m launching something big tomorrow, stay tuned! Link is in my bio! #climatechange #savetheplanet #bushfire
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Nowhere to go but UPπŸ’₯ - serving some Johnny storm vibesπŸ”₯
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Nothing like going back to past work for inspiration. Boundaries will be pushed this year. πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»
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Can you guess the crime @buenomoreno committed? 😱 - We can't ever catch a break from the grammar police πŸ˜“
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Found in a world of aliens, androids, and evil villains πŸ“Ί
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Make a wish 🌠 - The overlays were made with unfocused images of fireworks πŸ€“
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