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You can’t have what you judge. Surfing was canceled today due to rain. And I got to do what I’ve been wanting to do for months... Walk around La Jolla and pretend like I live here. All was going well, and then this group of young teenage boys walked by. My queer underprivileged community social programming activated... “Those spoiled little privileged white...” Oh hell no... I do not entertain thoughts like that anymore. Judgement keeps me separate, and it really just comes from me being a jealous disempowered biotch. I cannot receive what I judge. I cannot receive when I’m jealous. I cannot receive when I think I’m not just as worthy as them. So I celebrated them, and sent them blessings, and knew that every single person on this planet has their own path that is not here for me to judge. I also took a photo of this house cause one day I may find it in my phone when I’m living here and stand back in awe of the magical creator that I am.
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This is my little sister. When I was newly married, I had a psychic reading withy friend Rory’s Angel lady. She told me some random shit that I wrote off as not having come true. She said I would help my little sister heal some stuff from when she was a teenager, and she would do a numbers job. That was 2013 and nothing happened... Until 2018... My little sister joined our coaching program. Honestly it freaked me out because it was a real putting my money where my mouth is, and owning my work at a deeper level. It’s one thing to create transformation for a stranger, but for your FAMILY, wow, that’s tough. Kirsten was in the middle of a total meltdown from having a shitty job and a shitty break up, and some health problems. With the support of our coaching, she quit her job, credit carded a trip to Europe, where she ate crossants and kinder bars all day, and came back to no plans. I was a little scared, would my family think I was giving totally irresponsible advice? Was I scamming my family, and a total fraud? But something crazy happened... That scary leap of self love turned into joy, and confidence. She started working for us doing our payroll, and projections. Her health problems cleared up. She enrolled back into school for a bigger vision. Then she attracted the best guy ever, who treats her like a queen, cooks for her, and loves her. Her life is 100% unrecognizable from when she started working for us. Seeing people transform their lives through the work they do with us changes me every time, but this one, it goes even deeper. Happy Valentine’s Day (a few days late) little sister! I’m so grateful I got to play a hand in you having everything and all the love you could ever dream of. Welcome to the family Alek!
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Magical Hot Pot Date!
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Grateful to these friends for getting me back in the water! Grateful that she didn’t give up after the 20th time of telling me to come, and that she didn’t take it personally when I couldn’t. Grateful she gave me her board and I stood up like 20 times today because of it. Grateful that it only took me an hour of being in the water before I felt confident agin. Grateful I finally called in the queer surfing club I’ve always wanted!!! Every Saturday at 7am you now know where I’ll be.
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Shirtless dad vibes with cutest baby in town!
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Wanna year the most taboo 1 year happy birthday baby post ever? I did not fall in love with my baby the moment I heard his heart beat. While everyone else was crying, I was freaking the fuck out thinking, well maybe there’s a way this still won’t happen. 101 times + this year I’ve questioned if I can do this. I’ve had to “tap out” more times than anyone else in because my patience for a crying baby is the worst out of any one of us four parents. I thought something was wrong with me when I didn’t feel that my life was “changed forever.” While I never shook “the baby,” I fully understood the internal freak out that would drive a parent to do that, and it’s one of the scariest feelings ever. I’ve never felt more inadequate in all of my life, and I’ve had 3 extra fucking parents to help. You think having 3 parents is easy, try facing the wicked case of comparania that comes when everyone is getting it, and you’re not. This has been one of the most humbling years of my life. But I’m proud to say a year later I am finally starting to get it. Ive learned how to deeper love myself, and celebrate where I am a good dad that is different than them, instead of constantly being afraid I didn’t measure up to the way they love him. Atreyu has taught me how to have more patience then ever. How to let go of control more then ever. How to love more humans then just @rosie_volcano that I worship and in turn open my heart up to 1000s more people. How to be ok not being ok and still be loving. How to appreciate the little moments even when things aren’t going my way. He has taught me that falling in love doesn’t have to look like fireworks. It actually looks like a commitment to love no matter how much shit you have to overcome, and the unfolding that happens in your heart when you decide to never ever give up. Happy first birthday to the new love of my life. Atreyu Mizumi Volcano
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We 💯 out did ourselves at Disney yesterday! I told Rosie that it was the best trip ever! As we we’re walking back to the parking garage, we listed all the reasons why that was the best trip ever... 1. We didn’t look at our watches. There was no rush to get it all in. 2. We went right when we normally go left. I know this sounds silly, but we decided we were gonna break all our normal “start at pirates and get all our favorite in” predictable routine. Why is this so important? Magic is about the unknown, not the know. If you want magic do something different. 3. We were unfiltered with strangers, and held no judgement of anyone, or ourselves. This opened doors for connections and opportunities that wouldn’t be there if our critical mind was running the show. 4. We left at 9pm, instead of trying to SQUEEZE MORE out, we just celebrated the whole way home knowing I wouldn’t fall asleep at the wheel. 5. We got in state. On the way to Disney we connect in the car. We put away our work, and we play music, and we dance and sing. The journey there is part of the experience! 6. We didn’t judge anything as an inconvenience, and immediately embraced every traffic jam, slow line, and detour as the universe rerouting is to magic. Now the fun is bringing the magic home. These are also things you can do on a regular basis to create magic! Let’s be real, the world is a playground, and you don’t have to go to Disney to make magic. If you wanted to make your days magic every day, what is one thing you would implement to make sure it was the best ever?
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I feel like a really big winner right now!
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