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Gym Mirror Selfie 😏 Such a great workout today! I’m beginning to love it even more. When I am at the gym? I tap into my primal nature.. get loud, intense and lift heavy. Then come home, take a shower and calm down. I feel like it’s healthy us for us embrace all aspects of our nature. The light and the dark. Just don’t dwell in the dark too long. Always come back to the LIGHT 🌟
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Living in a Dream Land ❄️ The thick falling snow, felt almost magical.. reminded me of this song I wrote, Dreaming. 😴 Hope you are having a wonderful day! #snowflakes #dreamland #singingvideos #dreamlife
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Highest in the room 🏂 What a view! Today is my last Here at Loveland, my whole body hurts haha.. but I am going to enjoy every single ride! Learning a lot about myself ok this trip.. no matter how far you’ve come? You always still have a ways to go. And that’s the beauty of it all.. your journey is never really done.. there’s always more. #travisscott #lov#lovelandrado #loveland #roadtrippin #coloradolife
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What a day! Sometimes the worst things that happen to you.. end up becoming your favorite moments and stories. I almost got Revenant’ed out here! 🤣 I mean.. there was no bear.. but I got F*cked up! 🥴 Don’t be afraid to test your limits and try something new.. I am in now wya a good enough snow boarding to go down the trails I do.. but I can’t help it.. it’s so damn fun! 🤙🏼 #loveland #snowboard #adventureisoutthere #coloradolife #snowdays #coloradogram #snowboards
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I’d tell you what I’m gunna do.. but you wouldn’t get it 😈 I truly hope #joker wins all the awards ands accolades it deserves. This movie was an absolute gift to all Comicbook & Joker fans! 🎁 Let’s make 2020 a wild one! #thejoker #jokermovie #jokercosplay #cosplayersofinstagram
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Zing! Went the Strings of my Heart 🎼 It’s 2020 and I wanted to start it off with some good vibes and a smile on my face! This year.. this DECADE, I choose Love. Get ready for lots of singing, random life stories & deep things that will make you think. Should you choose to follow me on another adventure.. it will be unforgettable.
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Going Snow Boarding in Colorado again, next week! ⛄️ Cannot wait! I’m not that good yet.. but I have no fear of falling head over board down the entire mountain 🤣 I don’t really shop anymore.. I’m cutting back on buying new video games.. I only want to experience amazing things and enjoy the beautiful planet we live in. 🤙🏼 #snowboarders #denvercolorado #sno#snowdays #coloradogram #snowdays
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With the beard of a Viking, and throwing style of a Figure Skater.. I say Merry Axe-Mas! ⚔️😈 It’s been so good getting to spend the Last Christmas of the decade with my Family. Everyone was here, it was wild.. it’s perfect. 😁 I hope you are having the best time ever with the ones you love. Merry Christmas!🎄-Joseph
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