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ONE WEEK until priority tickets go on sale to Friends of Brighton Fringe: Thursday 20 February 2020 Become a Friend today to support the arts. Receive 2 for 1 ticket offers, discounts to the best spots, and of course access to the priority sale. There will be 565 events offering 2 for 1 tickets. Friends can use their deals on 1963 performances! Don't miss out.
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DID YOU KNOW? It would take... ⏰ 27,252,000 seconds ⏰ 454,200 minutes ⏰ 7,570 hours ⏰ 315 days see every Brighton Fringe 2020 performance this May. 🤿 You would have to climb 945,000 miles to 'Dive In' for the same amount of time: now that's a tall diving board! 🏊 We are ready to #diveintobrightonfringe: are you? Become a friend for access to the priority sale from 20 February: 🎭: Aquatic Superheroes 📸: Mundialphoto
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Brighton-up #UKPunDay with First Release tickets from Brighton Fringe... ⚠️ Warning: event titles may contain puns ⚠️ 🎭: 2100: A Space Novelty by Cut Mustard Theatre 📸: DFPhotography
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REMINDER: Brighton Fringe First Release programme is on sale. What are you looking forward to so far? 👇 Let us know! 🔥 Our full programme drops with priority booking for Friends in just over a week (Thursday 20 February)🔥 🎭: Gals Aloud 📸: Ayla Carli
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🙌 3 MONTHS TO GO 🙌 Brighton Fringe 2020 kicks off three months today on 1 May: who's excited? 🎭: Help! I Think I Might Be Fabulous by Alfie Ordinary 📸: Ayla Carli
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Announcing Alison Lapper MBE as the 2020 Freedom Season Ambassador. "The Freedom Season allows [disabled people] to be artists like any other artists, and not just ‘disabled artists’ and that's irrespective of their disability, whether physical or mental. " (Alison Lapper). For the full announcement, head to the link in our bio. 📸: Dean Stockings
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We’re so excited to have been successful in applying for #CelebrateNationalLottery25 funding, helping fund our wonderful volunteers at this year's Brighton Fringe! For more information about volunteering, click the link in bio. #diveintobrightonfringe #funding #nationallottery #donate #charity #community #openaccess #arts #festival #fringe
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The deadline to be listed in the Brighton Fringe 2020 brochure was midday today. Congratulations to everyone who registered; you are now ready to #diveintobrightonfringe ! However, not all hope is lost! You can still participate without a listing in the brochure. Click the link in our bio for more information. 🎭: Fit Up Productions at Fringe City 📸: Ayla Carli
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