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@brettcapfit 👇🏼My segment w @abc7newsbayarea x @abc7bayarealife
You‘ll never influence the world trying to be like it 🖤 hope you all have a great week thank you for the bday love
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Press play ⏯ ☝🏼My cooking segment with @abc7bayarealife is now live on @YouTube hope u guys like it 🤟🏼 — lmk what kind of videos you wanna see next! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
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Heyy! Allow me to drop a few #bigfacts about myself👇🏼 — 1.) I love wearing loose shirts. Like this one that I’ve worn in like 4 posts already. 2.) I have curly ass hair after I shower. Like I’ve mentioned in like 5 posts already. 3.) I love @wawa. My credit card transaction history can vouch. Best music playlist out of any convenience store out there and it’s not even close. — Btw I’ll be uploading my full segment with @abc7bayarealife on my YT channel tmrw! But first tell me 1 big fact about yourself!
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Did you guys know I have an Aussie brother??!!! Link in bio mates 🇦🇺
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Good morning! Teamed up with @nutrition_facts_org for my new YouTube video 🙌🏼 link to watch is in my bio! What type of videos do you guys want to see next?!
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Back when I used to be cute and curl free
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If my future wifey is reading this....hope ur ok with our kids having curly hair 👹🤷🏻‍♂️
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Really curly hair really don’t cair
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