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😆😆😆😆😆!!! On God But you have to sing the words exactly like this And all.!!! ITS MY WINDOW!!! 😆😆😆😆#peteypablo
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You don’t get it absolutely nothing means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! ☝🏾🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 #hashtag #peteypablo #silverbacklife #enjoylife #absolutelynothing #anheuserbusch #peteyspaleale @eppsie @mojobrookzz @dcyoungfly @sommore @therealearthquake @bigu1
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I thought about and after going over my day-to-day schedule for the past 20 years I’ve decided that it was long overdue I’ve been working my ass off so guess what I’m doing all day today??? Yep you guessed it!!!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!
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Shout out to one of the coldest New rising comedians in the game @mojobrookzz Aka” MR JAMES came in for a show tonight here in Raleigh and as I do with real ones I pull up... about to have an amazing show and enjoy the rest of the city tonight see you guys in a minute... #peteypablo #silverbacklife #enjoylife #realones #comedians #showtime
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So tell me why everybody kept asking @som@sommore was I R. Kelly in her picture last night 😎 I read her comments I was like wait what..!!? Boy Stop I said #hashtag never wearing this jacket again 😆 Great show last night I had a ball love you beautiful❤️ @sommore
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@dcyoungfly @eppsie @bigpoppapetey just doing what feels right for playas to do in the cut and comfort of hush grown folk talking conference... #whatpeteysaid #peteypablo #silverbacklife #enjoylife
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Stepping out on the town tonight to show my brother @eppsie some love in the city so you know the outfit has to go to a whole Nother level LOL one time for @buscemi #peteypablo #silverbacklife #enjoylife #levelup #pncarena
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