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You asked and we answered! The farm deal is now available as a mini GNG! This box is a fan favourite GNG for those with pets with allergies to chicken and beef! 🐖 🐑 🦆 The Farm Deal includes pure pork, pure duck and pure lamb. 🐈 🐕 This GNG box is great for cats and dogs! The proteins should be supplemented with @thr@thrive_supplements kelp or trimineral boost and a source of omegas such as @thrive_supplements herring oil or add a couple of our sardines on top. #bigcountryraw #bcrfeeders #rawfed #rawfeedersofinstagram #rawfedcanada #whatsinyourbcrbowl #bigcountryrawfeeders
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Who is going to the EDMONTON pet expo? We have some tickets to give away! Come meet our team! The event is January 25th and 26th from 10am to 5pm at the Edmonton Expo Centre. We are very excited for this event and will be bringing @thrive_supplements @herodogtreats @slobbersorganic and our fave BCR swag! Want to win tickets? Tag a friend you want to bring with you! Winner will be announced January 20th!
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🚨 BIG changes coming to our BIG GNG deals 🚨 We are reducing the case size from 24 lbs to 18 lbs. We simply lowered the amount in each box from 4 – 2 lb containers of each protein to 3 – 2 lb containers. The product selection and variety remains the same, and so did the cost! NOTE: We did not increase the costs. The cost per lb for a new GNG 18 is the same as when you purchased the GNG 24 lb boxes, but because there is less in the box the cost of the box is less, but the cost per lb remains the same, so you're still getting a discount per lb but now you will reach your free box sooner! To help explain this - if the cost per lb was $1 the 24lb box is $24 and the 18lb box is $18. Swipe for a helpful graphic!! Perhaps you are asking why are we changing this as well? The simple answer is for improved space and design. Our 24 lb. boxes are challenging to fit into most retailer display freezers and this change means stores can now stock even more raw food! If you are wondering about the Frequent Buyer Program, the new 18’s will replace the 24 lb boxes. Some final mentions! All new GNG Boxes in both 12 lb and 18 lb cases now are available with our new recipes. #bigcountryraw #bcrfeeders #bigcountryrawfeeders
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It’s #wha#wha#whatsinyourbcrbowl Wednesday! There are so many different ways to incorporate BCR into your pets bowl. Every Wednesday we are now going to share some whats in your bowl posts from BCR feeders. Use #whatsinyourbcrbowl OR #bcr#bcrfeeders to get featured! Bowls in order: @normantheblue @charlie_mcdoge @murphy.molly.thepwds @barakandricci @petitepeet @denvertherawdog @oaks.doingthings @poppythepup_wpg @wanderlust.rusty_paws @louis_thegoldie There are so many different ways to raw feed, here is some inspiration! What’s in your bowl today? #bigcountryraw #bcrfeeders #whatsinyourbcrbowl #bigcountryrawfeeders #rawfedcanada #rawfeddog #rawfedcats
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It's teeth cleaning tuesday! Flat Ribs are our number one selling recreational bone! These large bones are great for medium to x-large breeds. They're a meaty bone that your pet can strip of meat and then the bone should be taken away. We always recommend supervising when feeding any bone. If your dog tries to eat the entire bone please take it away. Stripping the bone of meat provides mental stimulation for your pet, as well as acts as natures tooth brush. These bones can be fed frozen or thawed, frozen can help make the bones last longer. How do you clean your pets teeth? Photo credit: @canadianbros #naturestoothbrush #rawmeatybones #recreationalbones #giveadogabone #bones #dogbones #raw#rawfed/a> #rawfed #bigcountryraw #bcrfeeders
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🐾 Molds are one of our favourite things! 🥦 They pair perfectly with our side dishes but have you ever used them to put in one of your favourite proteins? 🦘 Or a novel protein you want to last longer? 🐟 Fill our molds with fish dinner and use that as an alternative to adding herring oil, or pick up some pure rabbit or kangaroo freeze into molds and add as a special treat for your pet! What do you like to put in your molds? Photo credit: @furfoodies.raw #moldmonday #makememonday #bigcountryraw #bcrfeeders #whatsinyourbcrbowl #rawfeeding #rawfeedersofinstagram #rawfeddog #feedrealfood #rawpetfood
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How do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? A special occasion deserves a special meal. Sometimes that occasion is just because, because why not have your cake and eat it too ;) Photo credits: @wanderlust.rusty_paws @kane.and.bear @cricketinthethicket @murphyxcharley @the_little_dog_crew @denvertherawdog @winston.the.whoodle @tucker_theboston #dog#dogbirthday> #dogbirthday #dogbirthdaycake #birthdaycake #happybirthday #doglove #bigcountryraw #bcrfeeders #whatsinyourbcrbowl #bcrfuelsreps
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How do you get your BCR? Do you get home delivery or do you have a favourite store to pick it up at? Tag the store and let us know! Photo credit: @finlay_the_dalmatian #bigcountryraw #bcrfeeders #bigcountryrawfeeders #bcrfuelsreps #whatsinyourbcrbowl #rawfeddog #dogsofcanada #canadiandogs
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