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Match bold curls with bold color! Look styled by @drycutter_90degrees with the new Miracurl3.
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The wait is finally over- grab your #Ros#RoseFx Clipper and meet one of our #talented @babyliss4barbers team members! 4 Cities 4 Barbers, 1 Clipper. . . . . . #armstrongmccall #cosmoprof #babylisspro #babyliss4barbers #RoseFx
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Want to get your hands on our latest cutting-edge product? Tag a friend who LOVES luscious curls for a chance to win a Miracurl3!
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Unlock the secret your to freshest curls with a modern twist!
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"The BabylissPRO GoldFX and RoseFX Clippers feature a five-point taper control lever that allows micro-adjustments of the blades, which gives the artist ultimate control over blending from zero to longer lengths. In contrast, the RoseFX Trimmer incorporates a t-blade that's ideal to carve hard lines with the entire length of the blade and curvature with the corners. Essentially, this is our go-to tool for detail work and revealing skin." - @luis_alvarez_babylisspro featured in @beautylaunchpad
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"For a barber or a cosmetologist to properly create a seamless transition between zero and longer lengths, high-performance tools are essential to cut with precision... Our RoseFX Clippers and Trimmers and Foil Shavers are must-have tools to create today's looks." - @luis_alvarez_babylisspro featured in @beautylaunchpad
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"We call our collection chiaroscuro, an art term that describes the treatment and transition of light to dark. Essentially, that is what makes a 'fade' visually impactful — this similar lighting-esque effect." - @luis_alvarez_babylisspro featured in @beautylaunchpad
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There's a reason it's called the Miracurl... this chic little tool delivers heaven-sent curls at the push of a button!
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