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Very nice 6-week before and after photo, Tanya! Just a couple of more pounds to reach you ultimate goal!! Awesome job!
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Alexandra crushed her goal in 6 weeks dropping 20 lbs!! Amazing work!! Look how happy she is!
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Amazing job, Nicole!! You lost 20lbs during the 6-week Challenge!! Look at the difference!! Keep it up and you鈥檒l reach your ultimate in no time
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Our limited edition T-shirts have arrived just in for our 1 year Anniversary Bash!
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Here what a 25lb weight loss looks like for Christine. Amazing! Keep it going!!
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Say hello to our new All-Time Record Holder... down 26 lbs in 5 weeks!! 馃槼馃槻 Christine was super excited to receive her first Red Bracelet of Honour especially cause it matches her nails 馃敟 馃挴 congrats and keep it going!!
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Holy Smokes!! Look at Group 18 that started only 4 weeks ago!! Christine is on route to breaking our All-Time Record for the most weight-loss during her 6 Week Challenge! Alexandra is on her way to being on the All-Time List as well! Keep it going!!
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One of our very own, Jaqueline,鈥攐ur Client Care Coordinator and Administrator鈥攊s so happy to receive her Club25 Bracelet for surpassing the 25lb weight loss milestone! Yay! Keep it going!
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